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Day 3:The Sweat

After I posted the blog in the afternoon, I decided to re-watch 'my girl'. Yes, the Korean series. I had my lunch and yes, it's Nasi Goreng again. I'm so thrilled of cooking/goreng-ing of late. And by the evening, Azri, Aimi, Nazri and me went to the faculty and play badminton. When the pros (Azri and Naz) were playing, Aimi and I sneaked out to the gym and sweat buckets. Hehehe. Bdw, Aimi and I planned to pre-order the TWILIGHT ( now, screaaamm!) tickets this Sunday. 7 or 8 tickets including 'the Beaches' too. And Aimi and me have planned something fun too. I'll reveal later.


Day 4: ikaIKEA


FINALLY, ikaIKEA revealed the exact location of her 'paradise' through an e-mail. Yes, e-mail. I think it would be safer if we learn and use Morse code, Ika. Hahaha.  For some legitimate reasons, jalan ke sorga can't be revealed to the public. Hehehe. And by night, while I was enjoying 'my girl' and get carried away by emotional and laughed my head off, Farah, Ina, Bob and I had some 'conversation' via YM. Geez. Good ol' days. Hahaha! Aimi and me planned something for today's activity;

We're going to IKEA!!

InsyaALLAH, Aimi, Tajul and me are going to IKEA (ikaIKEA) this afternoon. Why afternoon? So I can have my lunch at home first, to cut off some budget. Hehehe! Now, It's 8;16 am. Maybe I should doze off for a few minutes and dream about IKEA. Not ika. Hahaha! bye!

p/s: Azri's going home today. Gonna be alone at home! 



Tatie said...

beaches tu kitorang?

Tatie said...

beaches tu kitorang?

faaz said...

hrp anda slmt d umh sorg2

ykajane said...

IKAIKEA ? what a cute name lah :P let me know if you're going to syurga okay, kalau sempat ( masa & poket ), nak kirim ke apa ke apa-apalah. hehe
btw twilight release bila? i read the book, gila best kot dari harry potter.

tiqah tingkat5 (ahahaha) said...

going to ikea while i am stuck of doing nothing here in johore? tht is sooooo unfair! i wanna come with you! can i, can i? *blinking sparkling eyes

okay moja, u owe me the bedroom light yg bentuk bunga and kaler pink tu okay? haha :)

and oh, i knw tht u r going to wtch twilight, fr sure! once you get back frm wtched tht mvie, tell me abt it ya.bcs i dnt think i got the chnce to wtch it :(

nashrah said...

ok get ready for my bitchy mood. pls no hard feelings. i need to let go. u know i do. ok ehem. (clearing throat)

perlu ke nk ckp dah beli ticket twilight? x semue org dpt tgk tau. org yg dah tunggu movie for almost a year, dah bace keempat-empat buku twilight saga ni, reread twilight byk kali cuz ske sgt sgt sgt kat cite dier, mimpi psl edward, hope to have what bella and edward have gile2, sanggup bg pinjam buku twilight kat kwn2 kerana nk share happiness of reading the book, sng ckp a humongous fan of the book x dpt tgk and dier x puas hati sbb semue org excited and dah book ticket nk tgk 1st day cite dier kuar and semue nk tulis kat blog. mestila kite bace and rase sedih. cam nak nangis. huhu. :(

ok im so sorry. i feel a bit better after writing dat. pls jgn amik ati and mrh. u actually helped without actually helping me. ok tgk twilight baik2. :(

nashrah said...

ok tu sbnarnye bkn bitchy mood. a sad, aggravated one. im sorry. :(

moja said...


Owh. InsyaAllah safe and sound!

moja said...


cute? Hahahaha..
Betol2! lagi best dari HP (padahal xbaca pon)


moja said...


Pegi la berzapin ke... kuda kepang ke .. kat Johor. Hahaha!

I will! I will!
Xpayah suruh pon, I cerita nanti! Hahaha!


moja said...



Miss Nashrah Khan,
you are so random!


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