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Subject: Do I need anymore reasons to like Britney Jean Spears? (I think not)

Here is Britney's perfomance at the Bambi Awards 2008 in Germany few hours ago. She has performed "Womanizer" and I can't describe the thrill of her perfomance (watch and learn, Aguilerra). She totally looks at her best, but I believe that she walked too much on the stage and the dance moves were little. Click to stream:



But overall, 4.75/5 for her and the crews (and Yes, I'm biased)
The circus has begun!


Credits: BreatheHeavy.com


Anonymous said...


I'm in love with her all over again..

Ahhhhhhhhhh..... :-)

Anonymous said...


Love at first sight.


Anonymous said...

aku rase dia dah pancit kot...sbb tu dia tak byk dance... anak 2 kot!

malu anak tgk mak dance......

Anonymous said...


Wahahaha. Assumption anda mmg xbley dterima.

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