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I'm quite upset. So I wrote this...


Dogs, eat this.
Life is supposedly to be easy with too many things to enjoy, but sometimes, something can turn to be quite not right. One words you said, dogs enjoy the scuttlebutt about you with 100 other words, and manipulating your emotions. Your words are like bones, they just Love it. They drool for it.

Sometimes they come in nice outfit; another breed of dogs; puppies, chihuahua, labrador, shepherd, etc. 'Owh, they're such a cutie!", and you get yourself fooled. They bit and they pooped, but it's all right, let us clean it up the mess because we know, no matter cute they are, they're still just dogs. woof! woof!

I will give you all the words, I mean the bones, for you to carry home and feast after you're tired searching in every nook and cranny for them. I pity you so much, dogs. But why are you still biting my butt, hands, and legs? Are you still hungry? Maybe I should grab my bow and arrows to shoot you down. Because I feel sorry for your futile efforts. I'm so sorry.

Dear dogs,
I'll always treat you as my pets. Because I knew that you created yourselves that way and you want to be treated that way. Work harder, dogs. Keep biting. Keep kicking. Keep struggling. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get my flesh and bones after this. Who knows? Come on, let me see what you can do. =)

It's ok, dogs. It's my job to forgive you (for now).


I still love you still, dogs.
(as my pets)

Let's go for a walk! Shall we?



p/s: Beware of whom you are bartering/exchanging the bones with. Because they might bite your tail back. Well, that's what your karma bitches and buddies do. Aite?




Anonymous said...

u used the word scuttlebutt!!!

my fav kind of dog is a shih-tzu..muahaha
i know,it doesn't have anything to do with this post...

wait a minute,what kind of person that talks to a dog that bites anyway???hahah

Anonymous said...



When a person owns a pet, he/she will tend to talk to their pets. Kan?

Xpe, This is a new breed of dogs. Can talk (bark), read etcetras. Hahaha.

me being mean.

Anonymous said...

oooh..ko nasihat aq jgn jd jahat tp ko tuh??ish2

there is a new breed of dogs tat can talk???woahhh
just give it a chew toy(bones yg plastik tuh) so that it has something to chew on & not bite u!haha

weih aq nk shih-tzu gaks!!!!!hahaha

Anonymous said...


Hahaha. Tu la pasal. geram sangat. Ok laa nih. sebab hopefully it won't bite lagi dah.

maybe pasni ak kasi racun tikus. muehehe.
gila jahat.

post ak paling jahat so far.

Anonymous said...

racun tikus??jangan!!!

like what u said to me,"they can say anything but they won't be able to take away the truth"...^_^

Life is full of hurdles kan?
How we overcome them is what makes us stronger..As the saying goes,"That which doesn't kill us, will make us stronger"-Nietzsche-

Dgr lagu Kanye West 'Stronger'..besh!!!

Anonymous said...


Hahaha.. betul2.
Tu la pasal. Ak cume kesian + geram jer.

Nant ak gigit die balik, ak jadi same ngan die. So, like I said, "you're forgiven..." Hahaha.

Sebab macam Madam Rosalind cakap, org cam ni sebenarnye have no life. Kesian..


Anonymous said...

btul tuh...don't stoop to their level...biar org buat kat kite,kite jgn buat kat org..
that's what my mum always say to me...

ur way better than that..i knw it &u knw it..:)

if die ade life..die xde mase nk gigit2 org kan??
so kite maafkan je lah,sbb sume bende pon akhirnya,antara org tuh dgn tuhan kan??

Anonymous said...


Betol lah tuh!

Cakap laa nak cakap ape.
Sebab yang loser nye org tuh, bukan ak.
die rase insecure tu sebenarnye. Kesian. Kesian die, benci kat aku sampy tertekan dan kene bgtaw kat sume org. Ishh.. ak nak hantar die masuk rehab la. Nnti elok balik cam britney. Hahahaha

Owh. I feel better! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

ko pikir mcm nih...d'bandingkan if ramai org benci tp ade satu or dua org yg btul2 syg kan ko..mane lg penting??

or mcm izza pernah nasihat kn aq...
'org tuh penting ke dlm hidop ko??tak penting pun!'

Anonymous said...


watak tambahan jer.
Xpe lah..
xrugi pon xpe..

kita mane bley bagi sume org suke kite. Kan? xpe2, ak ttap sayang pets ak. :P

Anonymous said...

whoaa i like this post my brotha. dogzz secara metaphor ya'll. i dunno y tetibe perwatakan tuka sbb dlm phonetics kan ade dlm chapter elision, linking2 tu (dah x igt, mentang2 paper dah lps), dogs akan jd dogz kan. ok i merepek xyah layannn. :))

Anonymous said...


I don't like it at all. Hahaha.
Sebab it shows the dark/badass part of me.
Tapi dah nama manusia. Ada had nye and dat person has crossed the line..

Terus you cakap mcam black kan? yo! Sista'!!

Anonymous said...

wowww, harsh sarcasm there moja.
can feel the hurt.

everything ok?

Anonymous said...


Yes. Even I don't really like what've I wrote there.

Everything is OK. dun wory.

I try not to be affected by this nampy-pamby things. =)

Anonymous said...

agak kejam gak post ni...

i loike!

Anonymous said...


Aku tengok balik hari ni,

ak terasa..

" gila kejam ko Moja!!"


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