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"Ha ha he he ha ha ho."

In less than 24 hours, Circus has intruded to the top 10 album on iTunes! And at this very minute, she has moved to #3rd spot of the iTunes (and she's still climbing). Why is she so amazing? Geez.

These are the tracks in the 8-minutes sampler mix:

Superstar/ Where you from, how's it going?/ I know you / Got a clue, what you doing? /You can play brand new to /All the other chicks out here /But I know what you are /What you are, baby

I'm like the ringleader/ I call the shots /I'm a firecracker /I make it hot

+Out From Under
I don't wanna dream about/ All the things that never were/ Maybe I can live without/ When I'm out from under/ I don't wanna feel the pain/ What good would it do me now/ I'll get it all figured out /When I'm out from under

+Kill the Lights
Kill the Lights!/ (Take 'em out, turn 'em off, break 'em down) /Kill the Lights!/(Don't be scared, make a move, see me now?)/Kill the Lights!/ (I've seen you, watching me, watching you)/ Kill the Lights!/ You can't handle the truth/ What happened to you?

+If You Seek Amy
(will be added soon)

+Unusual You
Baby you're so unusual /Didn't anyone tell you, you're supposed to, break my heart?/ I expect you do, so why haven't you? /Maybe you're not even human cause/ Only an angel can be so unusual /Sweet surprise, I could get used to / Unusual You.





Anonymous said...

owh saye suke womanizer jgk
oopss i mean lgu womanizer :)

Anonymous said...

There'll only be one Britney Spears.
Best kan dia ? :D

Anonymous said...


Womanizer mmg rock!
(lagu die)


Anonymous said...


Owh..very,very true!!

Queen of Pop. What's the meaning of POP without Britney Spears?


Anonymous said...

oppa,,mari berdebar menantikan album ni,,hehehe :D

Anonymous said...


womanizer best!!

cause she was demeaning the guy..


Anonymous said...


womanizer best giler...

wanita yang takkan jatuh di tangan jantan bermata keranjang..


Anonymous said...

britney ade yusuf ates ade...hihihi

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