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Happy 20th Birthday, Ban!

I'm bad in memorizing anyone's birthdates, even my mom's and that's why I need an organizer. But, this time, I'm so full of myself because I remembered yours even though I still have to ask Farah and flip my organizer to make myself sure about it. My brain cells are getting older. My bad.

I'm not giving you any presents because I'm broke myself, so I give you some of my words, here in my blog. This is our friendship for the past two years; absurd. There were so much joys and laughter back then, but time changes. Whatever happened between us, three, is too complicated to be understood by others, therefore they jumped into idiotic conclusion. So, we left the memories in silence and sew our mouths shut; because people won't understand anyways. Heck, we did our best to live for tomorrows and leave the past behind, but its clearly easier said than done, right? But still, here we are, still breathing, still kicking and still discovering the secrets that life may offer for us.

You are one of the nicest, honest people I ever met, and please keep yourself that way because that's the best present from a true friend may offer towards the others. Keep your faith strong in God and may Lady Luck be with you throughout the thick and thin.

O joy! Now you're another bloody year older.
Welcome to the club, brotha!




Anonymous said...

dah kene tag... sila semak my page for the info

Anonymous said...

besday aq ko igt x zol

Anonymous said...


Done that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Ramlee,

Hurm... jap..
ak tgok organizer...


Anonymous said...

best bday 7th nov. 7/11. hehe sng nk igt. happy bday ban:)

Anonymous said...


But still, I tak ingat.


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