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Holiday can lead me to fatal boredom. In few hours, I'll be boarding a bus for home. Yes. Home sweet home. But I'll be back in Shah Alam soon, very,very soon which id on Saturday, InsyaAllah. On Monday, Nov 23, I'll be attending Sheikh Yusuf Estes' talk at MBSA and I really-really hope that I can shake hands with him. Hehehe.

And by 26th, 27th and 28th November I'll be helping Liyana and two other seniors in an event at Concorde (If I'm not mistaken) Putrajaya. I don't know whether they will provide us with rooms or not, but I really hoped they will. So I can roam around and meet my friends a little. Owh. Not forget to mention, according Miss Witch in High Heels, they'll be paying us RM 100 per day!

RM100 (+ free food/rooms maybe) x 3 = RM 300! Ka-Ching!!
Easy money isn't it?

After that, InsyaAllah I will work on Ethos! Book Club's little bloggie and spruce up my house! I'll be alone at home, so it would be easier for me to tidy up everything! Hehehe! I'm going to turn this house to be a spick-and-span tidy home! ( yea rite!

I'm going to sweat a little to drop some weight (and unnecessary fats) and wind up my remaining, untouched novels. Geez! I can't wait! Nazri and Tajul are also gonna stay at their home, so I can pay them a visit if boredom started to lurk inside me. No qualms! 


In conclusion, this is my what-to-do-while-holiday-list!

1. Attend Sheikh Yusuf Estes's talk! (anyone who's interested, buzz me!)
2. Help out Liyana at RM3OO-event!
3. Ethos! Book Club's blog!
4. Sweat a bit! You're getting fat!
5. Tidy up my (our!) little habitat!
6. Wind up books + movies!
7. Re-think, Re-contemplate, Re-everything!


p.s: Owh. Thanks to Izza for (un)willingly search for Van Gogh's posters for me. I'll pay them back! Promise!


That's all, Thank You! 

Have a nice holiday, peeps!



Anonymous said...

yes, let's bore ourselves in s.alam this break.. hehe..

nnt sy nk g book shopping.. jom! lpas kamu dpt gaji rm300 tu la..

hehehe :-P

Anonymous said...


faham laa UiTM... lambat lah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha.. klu mcm tu, tgk je la ak shooping..

dh siap ade list dh.. pengsan parents ak tgk..

hehehehe :-P

Anonymous said...

babe,bukan kat concorde la...
kat jw marriot!!haha
d students b4 us got rooms there,so hopefully we'll get it too...
moja,aq dh shopping dh dgn duit makeup for OK mag tuh..hehe
sabtu nih dpt duit lag..kaching2

Anonymous said...

waahhh at marriot???
what kind of job?
apapun, be good! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh,it's not like house keeping ke ape..haha
it's called repertoire
we're going to attend a seminar & document everything that's presented...
2 boys + 2 girls, but separated bedrooms laa...

Anonymous said...

oh woww, sounds very executive. HAHAHA not sure if thats even an adjective. :p

got rooms pulak too!
couldnt ask for a better job.
have fun all 4 of you!

Anonymous said...

Azie, Liyana,

Amboiiii... rancak bersembang sepanjang pemergianku.. Hahaha

Anonymous said...


yaaaa... mari2!!

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