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Day 1: The Arrival

I arrived in Shah Alam around 3 p.m after a 5 hours nauseating journey from Gerik-Ipoh-Shah Alam. I took a cab and to my suprise, my housemates, Azri and Fifi was still here in Shah Alam. Azri and me went to Tajul's penthouse to 'burn' series of HOUSE. Whilst  criticizing the tidy-ness of Tajul's house, Tatie called me to ask us out to catch GP-506 at Sunway Pyramid. And the movie was great (except there were moments I feel like puking or closed my eyes). I'm not a big a fan of horror/thriller movies, but this movie possessed a quite good story-line and numerous of adrenaline-pumping scenes. Disturbia.

I still wished we watch Madagascar 2 that night. Hahaha.



Day 2: The Hanky-Panky and Yusuf Estes

After we 'survived' watching the movie, around 1:30 am, Azri, Tatie, Nad, Fifi and me still can't get enough, so we decided to roam around a little bit. So we went to Hartamas (Harta-emas?) and grabbed a drink while watching Manchester United's match there. I was informed that this is such a hip place for the rich and famous. Well, you can see people in the same age of me wearing stylish, skimpy cloth. Eventually, I was busy observing people around there than the MU's match and chatting with friends. We went home around 5 am and get some sleep.

After 2 hours of sleeping, I woke up to perform my Subh prayer (around 7am!!!!). Thanks to Tajul for the missed call to wake me up. I took another 1 hour sleep after that.

I re-woke(?) up at 8 am and prepare myself to go to Sheikh Yusuf Estes's talk. I arrived at MBSA around 9:05 am and I bet people can see the red-ness in my eyes due to lack of sleep. Luckily, Sheikh Yusuf Estes was late, so I felt better. Around 9:15 am, he arrived with his daughter and some other fellas and he went straight to the sofa and sit. (yes, he sit whilst preaching). He started everything by teasing the MC of the event, who is a one-year old convert from Haman, if I'm not mistaken. Yusuf Estes is the best preacher/dai'e I've ever listened too. There are two things that I thanked Allah many times in my heart and head;

1. Thanks for dragging me here, to listen and attend this wonderful event,
2. Thanks for the gift of my language, so I can break the language barriers and comprehend the speech.

Initially, he told us the etymology of ISLAM itself, so we will get the real picture of what IS Islam. And he told us something very,very crucial, ISLAM IS NOT A TOLERANT RELIGION. Yes. Because once you devote yourself to Islam, you MUST obey the God's words. There is no choices, no compromises. ISLAM ONLY TOLERANT TO THE OTHER RELIGION, which explained the Quranic verse that told us for centuries that there is NO force for anyone to embrace Islam. Maybe I should explain all these in another special post. Maybe.

Fast forward. I came back home with a real empty stomach and cook NASI GORENG for the very first time. Thanks to my mom who showed me how to. Since this is my maiden trial in preparing fried rice, I classified my cook as 'edible' or fit to be eaten. At least, neither Azri nor me got diarrhea. =)

In the evening, Azri and me went to Tajul's house and bring along the leftovers and chicken nuggets and fries to his house. And by night, we sent Fifi to the bus station and he went home.

Day 3: Undecided

I woke up at 12! And Azri is still sleeping whilst I'm typing this. I'm going take my bath after this and prepare some food because I'm starving. Geez. Everything else is still remain undecided. 





Anonymous said...

it was a great nite.
i had fun!

btw, u've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

haaaa, its about time you updated! ;)

yes, you SHOULD make another post to elaborate more about Yusuf Estes's speech because you've made me interested in it too. =)

arent we just lucky to be living far away from mom.
cooked my first nasik goreng last sem. HAHAHA (sebab it was already late at night and everyone was already asleep)

oh and hows your job at marriot?

Anonymous said...

oh and my bro said madagascar 2 is sangat bes!!

wanna watch it myself but oh well, maybe i'll just download it next year. :p

Anonymous said...

moja, my mom once said that hartamas is what it is now because dayang- dayang laksamana and hulubalang istana once lived there.
nak bakar hati kamu ni, tahu tak, tepi SYURGA ika tu, ada kedai buku baru yang sumpah murah ! engelby tu, baru rm10.
please don't eat your heart out kay :D

Anonymous said...


Ya Allah.
Tag tuuuuuu....


Anonymous said...


Hehehe. I'm so sorry. Kinda lazy to lay my fingers and start typing. Hehehe.

InsyaAllah I will write about than soon.Owh. KIranya I just lambat one sem je laa? Hahahaha!

Marriot? belum lagi. This thursday, InsyaAllah. :P

Anonymous said...


Azie the pirate!

Anonymous said...


Ye ke?
fuiyoh! Historic rupenye.

(masuk syurga ramai2 lagi bagus dari sorang2)

cepat bgtaw!

Anonymous said...

hahahhahhahahhhahaha taleh blah masuk syurga ramai2 :) ok im on it

Anonymous said...

1st of all.. pakai keta ak..

2nd... tgk cite hantu..

tapi yang xleh blah...



Anonymous said...

ah tak kira! wajib buat!! kalau tak aku majok!

we go together2 next time yeah?

Anonymous said...

waa.. tgk MU! haha

Anonymous said...


jalan ke sorga telah diterima!
Thanks Jane!!


Anonymous said...


Itu semua diluar kawalan ku.
maafkan kami..

0-0 jer kan. hehehe...

Anonymous said...


Yer... nanti saya buat...

susahnye ....mcam buat add maths!

Anonymous said...


Mmg TENGOK je la... x ENJOY pon.. Knapalah asyik tgok / kear bola sebijik tu. Hahaha!

MU ngan Britney,



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