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Finally, I successfully wind up wrapping all my (new) books. Now I have plenty of time to start reading, maybe I will kick off with R. Sharma's book first. I missed this month's Readings at Seksan. I really want to go there, and meet some local bloggers and writers. Belum kesampaian hajat dihati ini.

These are the books that I've bought and one of them, "A Beggar at the Gate" is actually a gift from Aimi. Clap! clap! I am looking for more books and more books. I hope I can finish them up this holiday to kill my boredom whilst at home. Here is the list of my money-sucking books:

Pile 1


1. A Beggar at the Gate by Thalassa Ali.
2. Marley and Me by John Grogan.
3. The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma
4. The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho
5. Does My Head Look Big In This by Randa Abdel-Fattah
6. Dewey by Vicki Myron
7. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon.

Pile 2

8. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
9 Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
10. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer



p/s: InsyaAllah, all these books will be available in Ethos! Book Club next semester.
p/ss: Does anyone ever read The Prophet? Buzz me. =)


Anonymous said...

its amazing how committed you are with books.

for me, only a good book would make me fail to put it down.
but if i reach the middle and it still fails to make me say, "uuu. this is interesting," i put it down and let it unread.

koleksi je lebih. hmmm.

(see? im being nice. i didnt mention the word "nerd". HAHA)

Anonymous said...

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon is the best of them all ! Not that I've read all your mind-boggling list, Moja :P
Haven't been here for quite some time.
So, hello to you !

Anonymous said...


I force myself to swallow bad books because its actually hard for me to buy it. So, before I buy any book, I will surf the net first. Hahahaha.

your trying-to-be-nice attempt is failed.
you DID mention THAT word!


Anonymous said...


Hooo..cool, then.
Yeah... kinda miss you! My hectic exam schedule restricts me from blog-hopping. I will visit your blog after this.

I always Love your profuse-with-emotion narratives!!


Anonymous said...

Profuse-with-emotion narratives? I'm not quite sure I know what that really means :p
About the lydia song, yeah, I'm so kind just give me your email i'll send it to you tonight itself.
Swear you'll be hooked. The song is haunting..

Anonymous said...


Hahaha... I love your straight-4wd and kinda emotional writing. Very straight forward and the messages are clearly understood.

ok2. Pass me the song, miseryconspiracy@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

seriously ko boleh bace buku sekali banyak tu?

seriously,like seriously?


gwe kagum beb,haha.

Anonymous said...


Owh. If I have more time, I feel like wanting more books for me to be read.

Books are like drugs. And I'm the addict. Hahhahaha. Same jer kalau kite mnat sth, kta akan buat la mende2 camni. Xpyah kagum. Huu~~

Anonymous said...

i see the book i gave u!

hehehe :-D

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Thanks,Aimi!

Anonymous said...

TABIK! kerana dpt bace all these books in such a short period of time. good for u:)

p.s: nnt nk tgk and nk pinjam heeee. tp bkn semue jgn risau :))

Anonymous said...


sebenarnya I xbaca lagi laa..
try baca betol2. I baru siap balut those books.


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