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Life sometimes can turn us into the darkest pit of despair. And sometimes, you're attached to a person or a thing or your ego so dearly until you feel so damn hard to build up a new life. It's so painful to walk the path we used to take, to listen to her favourite songs, to watch her favourite movie. It is hard to move forward. Your heart still belong to the past. Prisoned. Chained. You just don't want to feel the pain, you want to let everything go and put them in the past. But the heart is too good in playing tricks. Too agile in cards that It dealt.

We cling ourselves to the past. We cling to everything that is no longer applicable, relevant to ourselves. We cling to everything that we familiar with, places that we're used to. We can't be someone new. We are still here. We are not moving. Not even an inch. Saying goodbye is easy. Letting go is almost impossible.


Sometimes, someone holds to much space when she shouldn't.



Anonymous said...

zul...i think i nearly cried when i read this post...im feeling exactly the way u put it in ur post...SIGH :( :(

Anonymous said...


Owh, I'm sorry for such a morbid post. But, it's good to know that you can decipher and feel what I wrote there.


Cheer up.

Anonymous said...

sobs sobs...so happened i was emo-ing that time and ur post was a message to me... though i know i have to move on....i dont want to....... but its hurting me... i dont to know how to... sobs....... i totally understand how u feel...

Anonymous said...


*sobs too*
It's real hard to move on and let things go, no?

Geez. Life ain't easy.


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