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Subject: She's Everywhere, peeps!

Now, click to stream her next performance at X-Factor show in the UK. She looks uh-mazing, I must say. No golden globe on stage this time around, but she still nailed the show! Simon 'blabbermouth' Cowel and the other udges gave her a standing ovation. Owh. Seriously, what else do you want from that Silly Simon? A standing ovation. Period.

She's everywhere, and she shows no sign of slowing down, people. Hahaha!

5/5 (again!)


Source: BreatheHeavy.com


Anonymous said...

all over the place
whr next?
Im already addicted to her new song
Kill the Lights.

Anonymous said...


Yes, She is.
She's now back in the states,

It's a heroine, I don't blame you for that.

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