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It's becoming a habit of mine, collecting nice pictures around the net. And because I've saved an immense number of photos I somehow don't even know where's the pictures were from. I found this in my "Trash can" and there are several things that I pondered upon whilst looking at this picture:

1. God is GREAT.
2. Look at the skieeeess! It's soooo bluee!! (notice the excitement!)
3. The clouds are so fluffy and I feel like jumping on them!
4. Such a vast river(?) down there.
5. Some lucky people are enjoying the view and the breeze caresses their body!
6. Where is this place?
7. Where is this place?







Anonymous said...

my God, that place is just heavenly..

and the picture is just beautiful..

moja, find out where that is and i'll be on the next plane out! :-)

Anonymous said...

ni kat blakang umh aq la zol... meh mai amek pic bnyk2...
i kpg 2 hinggit...

Anonymous said...


Jom, beli tiket!!

(still dunno where this is)

Anonymous said...


Kat Rengit, sungai pon xde kot...
Kelapa sawit je.


Anonymous said...

moja, find out la dlu..

then br leh g bli tiket..

ape daa.. hahaha :-P

Anonymous said...

woahh...if terjun ni best ni!!haha

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