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Being alone at home does have many advantages. The day seems longer and the tranquility captivates me to watch movies, series, lectures and read books. 

Finally. I've finished re-watching korean soap opera; 'My Girl'. This is so embrassing; but I really hooked to the series. I can watch it over and over again and laugh my head off. (Don't forget the crestfallen, sadistic part!). I plan to watch House season 4 and 5 after this, and maybe Supernatural later on. Geez. 

I've wind up reading two books, Sharma's "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" and Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns" (yay!) and currently, gleefully reading Randa's "Does My Head Look Big In This". I hope I'll able to finish it by this weekend. I vowed myself not to buy any new book(s), not until I finish the unread ones that I've bought. I am so in the mood of reading now.

Kenny started this. I have to start thinking about my next year's resolution (and yes, you too!) The garden-fresh salad days is diminishing every day. Plus, I have no resolutions last year (2008), and yes, I'm a major procrastinator in doing things that I should work on. That's me.  

p.s: I've downloaded Circus. Illegally. Ah me.


Anonymous said...

nak pinjam Does My Head Look Big In This !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


hohoho. I have three ppl in the waiting list.

*bising betul ceramah politik kat bawah ni*


Anonymous said...

new look :D

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Hehe. Me too bored with the old ones, going to spare it for EBC, maybe.


Anonymous said...

sapotlah artis kamu. piracy tu tak best.

Anonymous said...


Unluckily, dia bukan artis saya! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

THREE ? nvm. I'll look for it in my syurga then.

Anonymous said...


Hehehe! I will raid your Syurga anytime sooner, InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

my girl??
sangat2 comel kan cite tu?

dah khatam 4 kali dah kut.
tapi tiap kali tangok, rasa Gong Chan bertambah hensem. HAHA

how was a thousand splendid suns?

Anonymous said...


YES! My Girl!
Comel! I re-watch it over and over again!

4 times? Then, I watched it more than you do, sister! Muehehe!
"tapi tiap kali tangok, rasa Gong Chan bertambah hensem"

Hahaha. Well, Ju Yoo Rin is getting cuter too.
If you (males) has a gf/wife like Ju Yoo Rin,
I'm pretty sure that life seems easier and less stressful.

*Don't start it, Moja!*


Anonymous said...

weih My Girl???tuh dh lamerrrrrrrrrrr giler..time aq part 1!
and i have the dvd..hahaha
i love yoo rin because she's chubby& her facial expression is priceless!!ahaha

A thousand splendid suns??Yg aq kasi kat ko utk bookclub ethos kah??ish2..BARU NK BACA???

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