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Love is a real funny thing. For me, it can either be a total blessing from Allah or a complete condemnation. My friend and I had a little conversation through YM. And as a 'young adult' (as mention by Mdm Rosalind) it's normal us to yearn for a shoulder to cry on as we often crave for more attention by people that we Love.

Faidz and I had a private confab about this for a quite long time. We even discussed (notice the words 'discussed'? It means we are serious about it. We're not joking, ladies!) about this when we met for a reunion last week. We conversed about this; why can't we Love people, simply like others do? It's like something that hinder us two, or maybe a few more aliens like us, to be in Love, to hold hands, to go for movies, to go for romantic dinners, blahblahblah. There are some quirky factors that led to this baffling bone of contention;

  1. We aren't gay. We as straight as a highway.

  2. We want to be in Love, but at the same time, we wished that we won't be in Love.

  3. We are confused; Love or Lust?

  4. Why too many constraints for us to face?

Eventually, I ferreted out that maybe (take note the word; MAYBE) There are 'hikmah' behind all these. Maybe if we do fell in Love with any girls out there, it will lead us apart from the right road. Maybe we'll make somebody's daughter goes pregnant? (Nau'zubillah) Who knows and who plans it better than Allah? I hope Faidz and I, and also those aliens like us, who had the same terrible, foolish dilemma; to be happy with the life we live in. It's all right not to be in Love. For now. :)


wanie said...


it's funny when guys are talking about pure love not lust...

and it's funny i always met mr wrong...


well, hopefully u'll meet someone that holds ur tulang rusuk ;)

moja said...


It's funny eyh? Well, we're not typical guys. (sounds bragging)
Love is no folly and I do believe that true Love waits. :)

Hehehe. Doakan jodohku ya! Kesian die dapat aku.Hahahaha. :P

Well, I hope the same good thing goes to you too! :)

irma-ain ibrahim said...

hmmmm....ngah fkr ni..
knp cinta tu wpun hanya 1 word tpi blh bt kita kekdg xtentu hala.

n sy xpnh ada pluang b'bncg hal ni ngan guys. n i hope my love skrg sorg yg mencintai sy keran pencipta-Nya, aiseh. :)

Tatie said...


herneologist said...

love or lust?
nicey..had this "discussion" for a quite a while with my peeps..
has always been a tangled up issue..oh well..
we're made out of both anyway..

moja said...


Hehehe..InsyaAllah. Let's pray for the best! :P

moja said...


Enak yaa tatiaaa! :)

moja said...


Hahaha. That's right, it's hard to keep myself sane when it comes to this matter. Hehehe. :P Tweedledee and tweedledum I must say. :)

Safwan said...

Being single and never had any serious relationship with girls before, i sometimes wonder whether the grass on the other side is greener....

moja said...


Owh..This is the 'never-been-touched' case laa nih! Aehahaha.. It's greener. But for a very,very short time I must say. You'll get bonus sins for your misdemeanor too. Hehehe.. :P

Conclusion: The grass is greener, because it's painted green. Don't be fooled. :)

i am jane said...

"it's all right not to be in love. for now "
i agree heartily.

moja said...


Xie Xie Jane xiaojie! (Today is my first mandarin lesson!) :P

lol! :)

Liyana said...

For someone who's been in love 3 times with 3 different guys,out of the 21 years that i've live in this world...I have to say that when you know it,you just know it.

Love can come to you unexpectedly and I think that's the best kind for me so far..huhu.But yeah,you don't have to rush it..it'll come to you one day!

But having both love and lust in a relationship is good actually as long as you know where the boundaries are..huhu.Relationship cannot sustain on love alone...believe me!You need the spark to make it sizzles..hahaha..tanye la si Tatia tuh ape maksud spark..hahaha

Tergelak aq bace ko bls comment tatie aka Tatia...muahahaha

afshad said...

1 simple word to describe the scene..
(background music:Anuar Zain Lelaki Ini)

moja said...


Hehehehe... Thanks for the 'lesson' tho!
I'll ask tatia laterrr! :P

moja said...


SEPI? aehahaha.. I prefer 'SEMBILU' with Dina's Malu tapi mahu as the background. Nyummy. Hahahahahaha.
bdw, enough with the 'SEPI' movie promotion. I'll go watch Hancock for the third time later. Hahahaha :P

faidz said...

hahaha... ko dh nk ade kapel... tggl aq sorg jd alien

moja said...


Mane ade.. xsure pown lagi.

ko alien doctor. Jgan isau.

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