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Last semester was a disaster. But still, I enjoyed it very much. My GPA dwindled  a little whilst most of my friends scored on average of 3.5. To be honest, I don't really feel sucks despite of my woebegone result. I was neither sad nor happy about the result. And I promised myself not to point fingers at anyone for anything that happened last semester. Let bygones be bygones.

So now, here I am; as healthy as a horse and trying to better than the days before. Rasulullah S.A.W reminded us that, "Barangsiapa yang hari in sama dengan kelmarin, maka dia termasuk dalam golongan orang-orang yang rugi" (Hadith riwayat Dailami). Therefore, I decided to make a list of what I should do throughout this semester. These will act as a challenge for me in climbing up the ladders of my life. I hope.

My Spiritual life: 

1) Khatam Al-Quran before Ramadhan ends. Read al-Ma'thurat frequently too! May help out Nazri of ethos during this Ramadhan to do a Halaqah. It somehow reminds me of my matriculation days. *sigh
2) Solat. Solat. Solat. I have to bear in mind that Allah is watching over me and I should be always be thankful for that. I'll try to go for solat jemaah and attend kuliahs held at the Masjid. No excuses this time, Moja!
3) Mind your manners! I am a Muslim, and I have to toe the line as set by Allah. There are boundaries in socializing! Take note of that.

My Health life:

1) I have to shed off two kilos as recommended by the doctor. Geez.
2) Do exercises! A short jog around the lake will do.

My Intellectual life:

1) Read more books! (novels, magazines, etc.)
2) Try to obtain GPA of 3.5 this semester. Yes you can!
3) Be organized! That's the key of an absolute success! 

My Relationship life:

1) Make more friends, avoid more enemies.
2) Try to maintain the existing friendships, and try to create others.
3) Girlfriend? Naah...

My Self-discovery life:

1) Spend more quality time by reflecting and scrutinizing the life I had.
2) Go travel! See new things, meet new people along the way. 


... I hope I will slightly change into a better person this year. It's like upgrading a computer, the more you upgrade, the better it will becomes. I have to change to be a better person. and so do you! InsyaAllah!

Stop become who you were and become what you are!

p/s: Start working on your target/list/whatsoever now!!


mysourha said...

shed off 2 kilos? why? you don't look fat.

moja said...


My current weight is 64.4 kg with 168 cm as for height. My BMI index is 22.8 and I have 14.5 kg of fat mass which means it encompasses 22.5% of my whole body mass!

The doctor said that my target Body fat is 20% and my predicted weight should be around 62.4 kg and my predicted fat mass is 12.5 kg. So I have to shed off 2.0 kg and start a healthy lifestyle.

I had this check up at the Heart Foundation of Malaysia. It is good to be keep abreast of our health condition sometimes.

Don't worry, I'll not go bulimic or anorexic.

Liyana said...

omg!!!if u have to shed weight...what about me????????????ur soooo not bigger than me dude!!!!!cisss
thanks for ruining my weekend...Lol

nur aimi said...

I think it's great that you're setting goals and aims because that's what i do everyday, months and years because it keeps you on track and believe me, it will decrease your level of stress completely.

Go moja, go! I'm behind you all the way! (:

moja said...


Hahahaha. Sorry! :P
I have to, for my health purposes!

moja said...


Hahaha. Yeah. I didn't set my goals last semester. So, I 'main redah' je. But InsyaAllah I won't do the same this time around! Hehehe.

Thanks Aimi!!
Go Aimi! :P

irma-ain ibrahim said...

believe in yourself n never say never ok?
keep in your mind yg 3.5 tu kacang je.sometimes pksa diri tu lebih senang untuk berjaya.
like me,bru 1st sem dh pksa diri ambil 7 subjek.
so automatik akan blaja la kan.
sbb xkan nk failed dh gatal ambik byk2. :D

and,alangkah bagus kamu dpt bg sy 2kg tu.
my azam this year nk gemuk tapi xpun!!:(

masjid n solat jemaah tu wajib. my abah sll pksa biar khatam Quran. Ramadhan lagi la. a month wajib khatam wpun 'cuti'. kn pndai2 kejar la.

n lastly,gf ha? nk jugak tu.;)

moja said...

Ok!! Diri ini amat pemalas walau rassanya mampu kowt. Hahahahaha! :P

Ambik laa.. Nak keep being healthy jer. Hahaha

Tu laa. Kene baca Quran slalu. Kadang2 lupa dan sengaja buat-buat lupa. Isk..

Gf? Biase laa tu. Lumrah. Susah wooo jadi single! Hahaha. ;)

Azie said...

yes you can!

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