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I was quite shilly-shally about writing this post for it might seems weird. But writing weird anecdotes has been my cup of tea latterly. Therefore, I ended up writing this and here we go again.

Acad, Chip and I went to Plaza PKNS recently owing to the fact that Chip & Acad were hunting for their Baju Batik (geez!). Ok, that's not  the point. The point is when we were eating at the KFC, like always, I enjoy to observe and study the people who are passing by. Nothing much that are able to catch my attention on that day. Suddenly, I saw a family of six was walking towards the restaurant. The four children looked extremely exhilarated as they stepped into the finger-lickin'-good-restaurant but obviously, the parents were plagued by anxiety like the world is falling apart. It was an extremely busy day at the restaurant and everything seems disarrayed (that's why I prefer McD!)

I am quite sure that this is their very first time enjoying the scrumptious meals at KFC. The kids who are about 6 to 12 year-old keep on pointing here and there; to the hanging promotion placards in the restaurant. "Mak, tengok ada mainan, ada ayam, ada tu, ada ni". I smiled; and it is not a condescending sneer. I was touched by the occurrence. The father looked hesitate and wondering whether he should go queuing or someone will come to their table to take the orders. Since no one came, he stood up and hesitantly joined the lineup. That was the end of my absurd contemplation as my friends and I dragged our feet out of the restaurant.

Unluckily, it never ends there; I kept on thinking and wondering about it over and over again. I realized that I tend to take things for granted because I am so used to it.; How many of us ever think or see that enjoying meals at the KFC or McD as a total blessing? Not many people out there are able to enjoy such 'luxury' and I felt terrible and contented in unison. Enough said, I should go back to work now!

Hurmm... maybe I shouldn't think that much.


Tatie said...

yeah. u shouldn't.
kita tak mampu nak bantu SEMUA.
kan? (:

Liyana said...

atleast they had the means to go there..
bile kite rase diri kite susah...ade org laen yg lagi ssh dr kite?kn??
for that,we should be thankful over what we have like our macbook...muahaha
-the witch in high heels- ;)

moja said...


I should and I should not. Simultaneously.

Saya mahu bantu semua, walaupun mustahil. Hahahaha. :)

moja said...


Yeah. I agree! Sebab tu I enjoy scrutinizing over something/someone. Walaupun kadang2 otak ni macam jammed and cramped sebab banyak pk bende merapu, tapi its something yang unavoidable. :P

Blame my genes for that. Hahaha.

p/s: Burn the witccccchhh!! Hahaha. Where's your flying broomstick? :)

yaty said...

seperti teharu membaca artikel itu
seperti terase kadang-kadang diri ini alpa
seperti lama tidak memanjatkan kesyukuran

*hari ini,hari bahasa untuk aku :p

moja said...


Baguslah jika anda terasa seperti tu.
Semoga kita sentiasa bersyukur-syukur hendaknya.

"Dan sekiranya kamu menghitung nikmat Allah, nescaya tidak dapat menghitungnya. Sesungguhnya Tuhan itu Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penyayang." -
( Surah an-Nahl, ayat 18 )

afshad said...

I still can't believe that I have spent rm30 for that Baju Batik which makes me look blazingly flashy..!!!

30 buxx tuh..Geram aku pada policy maker nie(sila isikan nama yg betul)..
ramai jek yg x pakai td..

I looked icky and felt like one..!
Jarang2 kowt pakai bju besar..

moja said...


Hahahaha.. Flashayyyyyyyyyy! :P

Aku xdapat isi name yang betul. Tapi ak cam laa makcik mane yang suruh tuh. Oooops.

Mane ade icky! Ko je rase camtu. Alright je. Arif relax jer...

Jahatnya aku.

Liyana said...

acad..ko okay ape pakai bju td...hahaha
sgt2 flashhhaayyyy!!!

eh2 makcik mane yg suroh pakai baju batik tuh????muahahaha...
naseb aq ade baju kurung batik dlm kuantiti yg byk...hehehe..xyah gi beli..

acad,moja,atleast nanti korg dh ade bju utk jd YB...kui22222

moja said...


Taw xpe. Acad hanya menggedik dengan berperasaan begitu!


Azie said...

oh yes u shud.

rasulullah saw berpesan,
"lihatlah pada orang yang mempunyai kurang daripada kita dan bukan orang yang mempunyai lebih daripada kita supaya kita dapat bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada"

whenever i watch Forbe's list of the most wealthy or anything, i would remember this advice and switch the channel. kalau tak, asyik pk bilala nak kaya cam diorang. hmmm.

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