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Biar rakyat keliru. Biar mereka tidak tahu. Aku dipihak yang benar. Begitu juga aku! Aku cintakan agama! Aku cintakan bangsa! Politik kita, Politik gila! Aku benci kamu dan sekutumu! Ku punya bukti! Ku punya saksi! Ya, aku yang hak, dan kau yang batil!

Sudah tentu aku yang benar! Aku perjuangkan Islam. Aku perjuangkan sunnahnya! Aku cinta Rasul. Aku cinta Nabi. Aku perjuangkan....ahh... segala-galanya! Aku tidak materialistik! Pilih. Taman Syurga atau lubang Neraka.

Sudah tentu aku yang benar! Aku perjuangkan kemakmuran! dan juga kemajuan!! Bila maju dan makmur, baru Islam akan mekar subur! Baru Hadhari masyarakat ini! Baru Madani ummah ini!

Engkau penghirup wang-wang rakyat. Engkau penipu! Engkau kafir! Engkau itu, dan engkau juga ini!

Engkau mundur! Engkau tak mampu! Engkau hanya bisa duduk diMasjid dan bertazkirah. Serah saja urusan khalifah kepadaku. Aku mampu.

Bodoh mereka. Kita tak perlu berkata apa. Kita sudah berjaya. Kita juga yang bijaksana, dan nyata tanah ini seharusnya jadi milik kita. Hanya kita yang mampu mentadbirnya. Bukan mereka.

Mereka bodoh dan gila. Tanah ini bisa jatuh jadi milik kita.



wanie said...

i'm bit worried with our political situation currently...

xtau sape yg bnr...

hopefully we aren't going to be refugee at our own land...

let's hope for the best!

moja said...


Yeah. I'm frustrated with both parties. Why can't them just sit together and discuss.
Obviously, they have to let down their egos!

Let's pray for the best! May the force be with us! :P

daniel liew said...

Do you mind to explain the word "batil" for me? I am lost...

There's a saying "Kalau gajah dengan gajah berperang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah." We are seeing the gajahs exchange of harsh words, criticism and spreading lies agaisnt each other. The pelanduks are left confused, no where to go and confused.

Let's pray for a better Malaysia. May Allah (God) save our country.

moja said...


Glad to see you here! Hahaha.

'Batil' means the wrong understandings and the word 'Hak' there is the opposite of Batil. I hope you're clear about it. I suck big time in explaining. Hahahaha :P

I wish PERHILITAN will come and shoot those gajahs Dan. The damage seems irrevocable, enough is enough. :(

Safwan said...

as i have maintained in my blog, politix sucks more than 200 vacuum cleaners put together.

and for bn n pas to sit down and talk it over coffee is like bush and mahmoud ahmadinejad will ever play bowling together.

moja said...

Politics, what else can you expect, but as muslims we have clear guidance which is he Quran. Why can't we follow to administer and ruling the country. Geez!

They can't sit together (or go for movies, or bowling) because they believe in very different faith. But in our case, we are MALAYS and MUSLIMS! All eat Nasi Lemak what. add roti canai and teh tarik some more. Stil kenot discuss?

Isk,.. :(

mysourha said...

negara kecik je,but the conspiracy in politics is too much,erghh.
and btw ade tgk sidang parlimen baru2 ni?hahaha,dorang mcm bdk2 okee.
hand gesture la,kau bodoh la,n so on,gile x matured,mcm tu nk guide msia? ish3.

moja said...


Yeah, conspiracy or not, I don't know. But one thing that for sure is those politicians are driving me nuts! I hope we'll get through this later on. Let's strive for a better Malaysia!


Safwan said...

the problem with our politicians is that they think if they discuss among each other,

their balls would shrink threefold.or more.

n the irony is, the thing that they ask us to unite for is the exact thing that drives us apart.

moja said...


Yeah! They are just like a bunch of mindless perching parrots! Such a disgrace. Safwan, let's go to the parliament! Hahaha...


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