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I have thousands of reasons to say 'Alhamdulillah', BUT apparently there are two utmost reasons why I am in seventh heaven; Ethos! Book Club & our Movie Circle: The Kite Runner. Well, I have to blog about these two and thanks to those who were involved directly and indirectly, especially the Ethos!! members.

Ethos! committee had a meeting with madam Shiha last Monday. Each project managers has to explain their project and hand-in the proposal. I was nervous and sweating like a pig even though I had survived many presentations before. Alhamdulillah, Madam Shiha loves the idea of this project and approved it!

She made my day!!!

This 'Book Club' is still green and I have a lot to prove to the faculty and Ethos! itself. I hope this book club will somehow help the 'bookworms' to read more books and share theirs too. It sounds like an utopian dream, but nothing is impossible with a little effort and prayers. The local undergraduates need some augmentations especially in their way of thinking and learning 'culture' in UiTM. It seems to be painfully monotonous but thanks to the founders of Ethos! who has set the platform for us to 'hit' and 'foster' meaningful and healthier learning culture and environment in our faculty. InsyaAllah.



name caye tajul said...

first lg... yay!!!
nk join book club
tebal lg la spec aku
moja nangis semalam

moja said...


Hahaha. You're most welcome to oin, Tajul!
Nangis? Hahaha. In your dream! Cewwah..

To be honest, the BOOK made me cried, not the movie. It was good but as always, it never turned up as good as the book. The power of books, I must say. Hahaha


Nazz said...

Aku nangis smlm mse tgk movie tu.. Sbb air aku da abs.. HEHE..

niza syazre said...

weh..lets create the utopia!!!nak join bole?!!!

moja said...


You're most welcome to join the force!

moja said...


Hahaha.. Aku nangis sebab ramai orang pegi.. Hahahaha...

tapi buku die lagi best. Try laa..

irmaain said...

sy xblh join ke? :p

saya malas baca buku. hahaha. :D
jdi Ahli Jong Kalut (AJK) blh la. *gila kuasa*

btw,congrats krn idea kamu dterima. :)

moja said...


Hahaha. Malas? Isk3..

Thanks! Banyak kene wat keje and a lot to prove!

:) Pray for me eh!

Liyana said...

btul tuh..i also cried because of the BOOK not the movie cos they didn't really explain how hard the process of getting Sohrab to America...

Glad that last night turn out great..and that my dvd didn't gave you guys much trouble because of the overlapping subtitles..huhu
Sorry couldn't go because I had to be there for my grandma...

moja said...


Hahaha. Yeah, the Sohrab's difficulties didn't well potrayed in the movie version. But OK laa..

Hahaha. No worries, Mr Kamran was the hero of the day! Hahahaha :P

Take a good care of your grandma ok? :)

ahmadyusrie said...

this is kind a thing nerd will look forward too...ahaha
i love reading...recently la...but not regarding my academics of course..:)
p/s:i'm back..

moja said...


Welcome back to blogosphere, Yusrie!


Azie said...

how can i join this nerd's club? :p

moja said...


Whaaat? Nerd's club? Hahahahaha

Visit me at Ethos! Booth for mekar taw! Gonna do some promotion there! :P

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