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[The Two Gods]

~ ~

by Paulo Coelho

There are two Gods:

The God that our teachers taught us about and the God that teaches us.

The God that people usually talk about and the God that talks to us.

The God we learn to fear and the God that talks to us of mercy.

The God on high and the God that is part of our daily life.

The God that makes demands of us and the God that forgives our debts.

The God that threatens us with the punishments of hell and the God that shows us the best path.

There are two Gods:

A God that drives us away because of our faults and a God that calls us with His love.


izza said...

definitely one of my favourites (poets). apart from wilde and tagore.

i like coelho's poem yang flow like a river tu. eh ke like the flowing river. i forgot. but i think that is one of the most inspiring, brilliant poems of all time.

Moja Amin™ said...



I Love Coelho's soooo much. Sibuk betul lah!

izza said...

yeap. rabindranath tagore. ko la suka sibuk!!!! ok, aku cop nk tanya Tun dulu! hahahaha

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