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[HIJAB, who?]

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Paris’ fashion ads will never be the same again.

Princess Hijab is, as she puts it, hijabizing the public advertisements as well as billboards around Paris with famously misconceived Hijab. In her blog, she wrote; 

“With her spray paint and black marker pen, [Princess Hijab] is out to hijabize advertising. Even Kate Moss is targeted. She knows all about visual terrorism! And she will not spare her right of expression for the likes of publicists. Make sure that all advertising can be hijabized “ ‘cause that’s her fight Jihad is her art”. And don’t forget, she acts upon her own free will. She is not involved in any lobby or movement be it political, religious or to do with advertising. In fact, the Princess is an insomniac-punk.”


Hijab is a highly debated topic in France as it involves the role of religion and the subject of Secularism. But, worry not as this anonymous princess fights back the perturbing, sexy models that clad in lingerie and political skanks with sprays and black marker pens; an act of disagreement and exasperation.

Agree or not, she has successfully brought something new to be discussed on our table. Princess Hijab, may the force be with you!

Visit her here!


Azie Nazri said...

i dont think i like this princess hijab.
i've followed that link to her blog and i dont like the fact that she uses the hijab image to do what she does.

she says that "She is not involved in any lobby or movement be it political, religious or to do with advertising" but then again, doesnt the hijab represents Islam?

its a good and(funny) idea of her hijabing the ads but then again, i dont like the way she uses it.
Islam doesnt teach rebelling. everything we do is full of hikmah.
its as if she's playing with the beauty of hijab.

and most of all i dont like the images here http://www.princesshijab.org/gif/gunsbloods.html
or here http://www.princesshijab.org/contributors/mardinoir.html or here http://www.princesshijab.org/contributors/units.html.

whats with the guns? i hate the idea that westerns already have of Muslims as terrorists.

if she really claims this is just art then why use the hijab?(with guns).just cover those models with a hat or a veil or something. why use the hijab image.
if she really is a muslimah, i think she should respect the hijab and not use it this way.

Mr Moja Amin,
do realize that my dissatisfaction is not intended for you in fact i thank you for bringing this PrincessHijab for discussion.
You always manage to do that well. :)

(perhaps i should copy, paste my opinion here of her to her site terus kan?)

With that, i thank you.

haha dah lama tak bagi komen-panjang-gile-macam-ni-blog-sniri kat your blog :p

Moja Amin™ said...

Azie Nazri,

This may be the longest comment I ever received. Hahaha!

I know that this Princess Hijab is gonna be a real confusing, hot topic. I don't really like what she did wholly. But I Love her idea! (and I find it cool too!)

The Muslimah in France is intensely opressed by them French politicians. Numerous street protests throughout the years, but to little avail. And no wonder, this 'Princess' stood up and start 'spray'ing here and there!

Islam doesn't teach us to rebel AIMLESSLY.
But, since them Muslims are ill-treated and tyrannized, this may be the reason why she chose to do what she's been doing now.

I know lah, that our subject of our discussion here is HER, not me. Hehe. I'm not easily offended, have no qualms!

With that, I thank you, too!

*Panjang gile your comment. Ni belum masuk your partner-in-crime Miss Nashrah 'Frappy' Khan! Hahaha!

ZamriHussin said...

I think there's a clear difference between good deed of wearing hijab and vandalism.

Moja Amin™ said...


Yes. But I think, that's just another way to express you anger when you flew into a rage. As simple as that.


nashrah said...

i think this princess hijab is fed up and tired of the constant oppression and disrespect and is angry because her and our religion is never seen as good or the same position as any other religion in her country. like what she said in her manifesto, this is her form of jihad. i think if it does happen in Malaysia, we would all do the same thing but of course in different ways. i kinda agree with Azie that Islam never taught us to rebel but if something requires us to 'berjihad' then we must do so in the name of Allah. clearly for this princess, she's no longer mad. she's pissed. and instead of choosing a conventional way of jihad, she chose the opposite. this is interesting and different but i wouldn't dare to paint hijabs all over ads of women as i think they are too precious. the hijabs i mean. i would prove my point in a different way which i can't think of right now :)) tp best la post ni. i ske hehe.

p.s: i rase cam i dlm mock meeting :))

p.p.s: do we really write that long moja? hahahaha. xpe Azie, it means that we are very opinionated and that is never a bad thing B-)

Azie Nazri said...

nashrah, opinionated eh?
couldnt agree more!

Moja Amin™ said...


I second the motion!
*angkat tangan*

Yeah, I think she's still young by judging at her piece of art. And it's normal for the youngsters to rebel, especially when their religion is oppressed.

Her way of channeling her anger maybe a bit wrong, but one thing that I really proud is, she dare to voice up (or paint) her opinion rather than sit and doing nothing! kan?

p.s: I rase cam dlam parliament!

p.p.s: Owh yeah. You two should be a columnist in newspaper or sth. Not really a chatterbox, but a hell of 'opiniated' writer! Hahahaha!

Moja Amin™ said...

Azie Nazri,

*Azie mula ingat ini blog dia sendri*


I Love good discussions!


Anonymous said...


Moja Amin™ said...


Thanks, sir.
A long read, it is. But very informative indeed.

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