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Of Aesth3tics, sunburned, wall climbing and whatnot.

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1. Aesth3tics was fun. It is Nina and Hud's brainchild-maiden project. Congratulations!
2. The sun is scorching hot lately. And I looked more tanned now.
3. My first wall-climbing experience at the Extreme Park is uber-fun!
4. Climbing the walls clad in long-sleeve shirt, tight jeans and sneakers is plain dumb.
5. Definitely gonna climb again!
6. Engaged in this tittle-tattle with Izza. The sky is falling down.
7. New ambition/dream/enthusiasm/a-sense-of-purpose was born. Get up and go, Moja!
8. Shit happens. So what?
9. Riddles are fun. (
only when you get to solve them)
10. I need to read books!


Nashrah Khan said...

u tau x, sbb dah lame x shopping nye psl, i cam lpskan perasaan kat situ. i bought a bag, a necklace and a dress wheee hahaha

Moja Amin said...


Hahaha! I waktu you datang tuh, tgah berdiskusi dgan my friend, Izza pasal my new ambition. cewah. And I wall-climbed that wall!

It's awesome I tell you! Nak try nanti?
Next climb maybe pegi dengan Izza and Azri!

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