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[The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas]

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The best film, so far.

I must admit that I Love this movie so damn well. The theme of prejudice, hatred and friendship and innocence were portrayed so well throughout the movie. John Boyne's has portrayed the sacred, innocent friendship between Bruno, the son of a Nazi commandment, and Schmuel a Jewish, who live on the other side of the electrical barbed wire fence. they started a secret friendship and getting fond of each other everyday.

Some of the scenes are very upsetting, and the strong deliverance of the cast has made such a great impact on me. It somehow reminded me about what is happening here in our Motherland, Malaysia. We has influenced our kids to go through street's demonstration, for example, and nurture negative values in them for the sake of our political trust and mission. Little that we know that these kids are the victims of continuous hatred and filthy politics commission. and guess what they'll turn to be? A plain hater.

So, don't tell me about Heaven, if there's blood in your palm.


Anonymous said...

i've downloaded the movie tp x tgk lg.. guess i better watch it since u're saying it's the best movie u've watched.. is it better than the book?

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