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She's back. Who on earth is sexier, edgier, talented more than this fella? Love it or Hate it, no one... This is completely gibberish post. Gosh. :P





Anonymous said...

I used to love her songs back then but not her new songs. She used to be a lovely and nice girl when she first appeared in the music industry. How I wish she was still her.

Oopss... I said something not good about her again.

Anonymous said...

I also love the old her, but hey, she's coming back on the right track! Pheww... I LOVE her new album..dance music... critics suprisingly said that is the best album she ever produced and I have to agree with that...Hahahaha

Books,MTV, Jay Chou, Britney, Apple--My forever sinful addiction..

I need to go for Rehab... (no,no,no) Hahahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

OMG Dan, this is completely GIBBERISH!!! :P

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