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This semester is about to come to an end, and my brain has been working on what I want to be and do next semester. I hope it will be much, much better and ermm...meaningful! Yep...Perhaps!

Here, my MAYBEs-list (oh, I should really stop hallucinating!)

  • Maybe No1: New CameraPhone

    • I've been my archaic-looking-black-Samsung throughout this semester. I hope to get a good phone with higher megapixels to snap, snap, and snaps more picture and stuff it into my blog!

  • Maybe No2: Clubber (?)

    • It's not like what you think! Hahaha! It's not I'm about to be a staunch visitor of Zouk, or whatsoever, I want to join more academic clubs here, in UiTM. I've joined ETHOS just recently, and been planning to join Kelab Pemikiran Mahathir (If I'm not mistaken) and maybe, photography club, even though I know no basics at all! But, I think it worth a try...

  • Maybe No3: Flogger

    • Flogger? Yup, but just be a part-time flogger laa because I just realized that I LOVE foods! That's why I've been thinking to get a phone with camera. So the scrumptious meals won't be deep-sixed. :) another concrete reason to add some kilos!

  • Maybe No4: Book, book, booooooks

    • Ok. More books.

  • Maybe No5: Coming soon!!

    • Daydreaming is no folly, ok! I need TIME to wisely think (or dream 'bout them)

You've read No5. I have to get more inspiration now to continue blogging.

A really, really short nap will do.

Song: Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore


saru said...

even ur daydreamings are organized.

what? kerinting can't love those things?

moja said...


Hahaha...My dreams are always like that. Chapter by chapter.

Ey, don't say kerinting2, me oso kerinting! Hahahaha! You are DIFFERENT, in good ways of course. :P

afshad said...

my maybe..hmm all except no 3..and whatever u have in ur mind on no 5..

afshad said...

my maybe..hmm all except no 3..and whatever u have in ur mind on no 5..

moja said...


FOOD... more FOOD!!! Hahaha...LOL
Next Week's Mission: Big Apple Donuts, Mid Valley! :P
Nyam, Nyam!

Liyana said...

thanks so much moja for putting up my pics together with the link..
Big apple donuts ade kat Subang Parade juga!
Much nearer & the parking is cheap..
Parking at Mid Valley is expensive..m not kidding!
Oooohh with the flogger thing...I'll be putting up a section of my favorite flogger's on my blog...They're the bomb!!
I'm a flogger fan since 2 years ago!!!

moja said...


No sweat! Hahahaha! I'm about to tell you actually, I afraid you'll freak out. :P Alaa Li, don't tell me abt parking laa, I don't have car la weh! Only Honda wave moto je! :) Flogger rocks!!!! I'm gonna be a part-timer je soon.. I'Allah!

Tatie said...

tercomment di salah post.

moja said...


mwahahaha, YOU commented at the POTLUCK ones! LOL :P

izza awek mahathir said...

wah~!! adakah benar mataku ini? u nak amek kelab pemikiran mahathir?!??!!?

yes!!!! finally ada orang lain join gak!! takde la aku sorang je nampak loser :P hehehe

nway, if u masuk sebab nak inside scoop on politics, macam agak kecewa sikit la. tapi selebihnya, sangat best okayh!!!

sape masuk kelab ni memang super duper coooool!

mojo moja, cepat masuk thots of mahathir!

moja said...

Izza awek MAHATHIR???
Hahaha.. :P Lorh xde org nak join ke? Gile ke! Tokoh thinker spanjang zaman tuh!!
Next sem gue masok laa! Jgan riso! :P

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