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For friends that stand by my side,
For friends that never see me right,

I'm a crusader without an armor

It's funny how people can point out zillions of your mistakes in just a simple conversation. I felt that I'd been crucified by the conversation that eventually led me to nowhere. (Kudos to Houkiboshi)

Yes, I must admit, you’re hurting me,
In a way I can’t quite comprehend.
You can say all these words and phrases,
But I’m not even sure if our friendship will mend.

Stop trying to hide things from me,
I know you probably want it more than I do.
But if you really want me to say something to you,
Try acting more like a friend with honesty,
Than a secret enemy filled with lies and stories.

The fiercest battle has just begun

I'd lost in a battle. I endure the battle without fight because I can't utter the words that was lingering on my mind. I was blindfolded by our memories. The good old days that we always proud of. The memories that we used to think that we might tell our daughters, sons and grandchildren. The memories that embedded in our head. But you've tainted it with hypocrisy and animosity. Yes, you did.

I don't have to justify myself to anyone

I need no one to tell me about my deeds and sins. In the end, leaves will fall and the truth will be known. So, enough with the web of lies. I want to hear no more. I want to hear no more. All the things you left behind,

I don't care.


Liyana said...

It's hurtful to be deceived by the people you loved or once loved.

Especially when they used your past or twist their words to get to you.

It's really2 low.

But atleast it's a wake-up call for all of us.

That the outside doesn't necessary reflects what is in the inside.

Hypocricy reigns supreme in some people and it's sad that they think that they're better than everyone else when in fact,they are so not!

Tatie said...

i know u know what to do..
what u should do..
and what u shouldnt do..
rite? (:

those hypocrites dont deserve ur friendship!
love ya buddy!!!

indecentdecendant said...

its so fucked up when the ppl u really trust or u believe turn out to be crap...
i tot they were fly...
i tot they deserve to be respected..
not anymore...
theyve lost it now...

moja said...


I does feel like crap. I kept myself in silence for all this while, keep my head down. It's time to kiss them goodbye. I don't care anymore. I have plenty of friends that I can always count on! :P

moja said...

and Liyana,

Yes, from the Gossip Girls, 'You're nothing until you're talked about" :P

afshad said...

we know we're famous

They know they're famous

I know I'm famous

moja said...

We're loved.

hellafrenzy said...

oppa, just smile! :D
(let them go with one big smile!)

anyways,would like to share something here...
i've been and still am struggling with these craps...
i keep my distance,go out of the scene,keep out of confrontations and stuffs..
but when i reach the point when i feel like i'm over it and move on to the new chapter,,they always come back..
then i restart,build up the trust all over again, and open up just to see the same thing happens again..
haih,,pathetic isn't it?
silly me,to simply let people come in and out of my life as they wish.
seriously,,"forgive and forget" never really exist isn't it?
when we try to forgive,they'll make us regret it and make it harder for us to actually forget those craps... (double sigh)=.="

hellafrenzy said...

dun wanna let this thing ruin my blissful life,,never!!!
:D :D :D

moja said...


Yep! It's true. When we've tried sooo hard to forget the tormenting memories and we are enjoying the days without the aching past, they suddenly come back and hunt us back and drag the memories along to encapsulate us with solemn and guilty. :(

We can forgive, but we'll NEVER forget. :)

moja said...

Too many things blessed by God compare to stupid, aching memories!! Don't let it bring us down! :P

life is a yo-yo said...

dear mojax,

the sad truth is that, even if we repeat to ourselves a million times that we don't care, we actually really do care. we terribly care that we come to the extend to talk about it, debate on it and ponder upon it. that's the sad, sad truth. we are humans, and naturally..we care.

moja said...

life is a yoyo,

Yep..Obviously. I care about them. They will never erased from my head! :)

lovehatetragedy said...

it's funny to see how people can forget the good thing that u've done to them.. because of one simple thing, they forgot...

i used to be them,
actuality and fiction likewise unknown,
tears dropped still blinded
these tracks that forsake
are my footsteps behind

i admit i do change,
of walking thru a journey of life
life itself is not a destination
same goes as if men never comes from dirt
by our footsteps we've changed

you used to be like me,
coming down to earth with a fresh breath
from four becomes two
the same way as i do

judged by the liars
liking it when one falls
see the heart as it is me
let alone my shadow that u see

like what u seen before and now
it's still me
we bleed, we cry, we laugh
as for my dear friends
i deserved to change
u've altered hatred from love
just for a tragedy

no matter how i convey
it's just ur heart that cant accept
how the road that i've taken
has made me better than u...

l o v e h a t r a g e d y
fcuk those lamers u just can see the beauty of change!! they have the right to remain silent until their lawyers come.. pls stop cock-and-bull story!!!

moja said...


Hahahaha....Yeah, I've changed for good. If it is ugly in the eyes of others, I'm very, very sorry. :P

I can do nothing bout' it. I live for the person that can take me for who I am. :)

lovehatetragedy said...

misspelled my name!!! how dare u!! hahaha

moja said...

Hahahaha, I'm sorry bebeh! :P

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