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I haven't post anything for a quite sometimes till I read Liyana's post in her il Bel Far Niente, it feels like a call to blog about this. Maybe something regarding to this.

I am a Muslim. Living in a Muslim country, Malaysia. Multicultural, multilingual, multiracial Malaysia. Of late, I try hard to comprehend what really happening to the society. The diversity seems to be our paramount weakness and reason to hate each other.

I do believe every religion; Islam, Christian, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Sikhism, Scientology, Shinto, Jainism and others- do promote peace among religions and its respective devotees. No matter what religion whomsoever devotes to, absolutely no one should justify and critics others’ beliefs because it is absolutely his/her prerogative.

It’s indeed a real shame that people see only the differences that separate them. If we look closely what we have in common, then half of the world’s problem would be solved without any bullets and bloodshed. None of the Holy Books; the Quran, the Bible, Mahabharata or Upanishads promotes their followers to shed blood and tear the world apart. None.

As I was walking down the street or meeting up with other people, I can’t help myself from thinking about contradiction that makes us difference. I am indeed think that our contradictoriness is something beautiful and interesting to learn.

Everyday, all of us meet up with thousands or at least tens of people that came from all walks of life. Imagine if everyone was wearing the same shirt color, had the same haircut, speak the same language and read the same books, life will be much, much murky and monotonous. God created us with many differences not to be torn apart, but to learn and find about others. Therefore, above all, we must be optimist about our differences and do not make it as a reason to hate. There is no reasons to hate.


Liyana said...

Not understanding other people's religion and believing what you hear from the media 100%,that is what makes racial tension occurs...
I.e:A lot of Americans(who knows nothing about Islam),because of Sept 11th,sees Muslim as terrorists.

Here is where education is very important..
If people know more about each other's cultures,beliefs and religion then this will not happen..

Just because of some individuals who taint a particular religion,why should other people of the same religion suffer the consequences?

Understanding each other and being tolerant is very important...

I watched the drama Air Mata Raji last night and one line that was uttered by the Indian woman in the drama(i forgot the name of her character) was very "menyentap".

She uttered the line because a fellow Muslim,campak an Islamic cd that was given to him by his Muslim neighbour named Asim, outside of his apartment& she saw it.

Asim wanted to advice him on the fact that he is living with his Muslim girlfriend in his apartment,but he doesn't feel that it was his place to blatantly say it so instead,he gave a cd on our Prophet.

I think the line that was utttered by the lady was something like"Kenape orang Islam sendiri tak menghargai nabi mereka?".(i don't remember the exact words..)

moja said...

Yes, have to agree with that. Because the notorious acts of a few bunch of extremist, the rest of the Muslims got the blame on their face. It's a very, very sad situation. Politics and religion were juxtaposed by the politicians around the globe. We are all just human. No matter which continents of the world we are from, what language we speak and which religion we devote ourselves to.

Hope we can make a little change for the dividing world.
More Love, Less Hate!

cbenc12 said...

i hope every1 thinks like u but too bad, ppl tends to judge. we judge before we get the chance to understand some people..
we judge based on our past experience, prejudice and what we want to believe..
it's sad but true..
hope we can all live peacefully in m'sia, across races & religions! ^.^

moja said...

Yep! I love the diversity here, in Malaysia. Hope we can be a trendsetter to those people out there how to live harmoniously in the future! It starts with you, me and us! Together we make a change! *hugs*


moja said...

gue babey!!

izza said...

mojax love liyana


izza said...

a jar of mo = mojar

moja said...

xde kene mengene dgan tajuk yang hyper-serious ini! Ciss!!

Izza Loves Acad!


Liyana loves herself..haha said...

"A jar of mo=mojar"--->>bru ckp psl ni td with izza...hhuhuh

babe ur hilarious....hahahaha

moja,ignore her ramblings

yeshh izza loves acad!!!ambik!!

moja said...


Hahahaha...A jar of mo? What is mo?! :P

mira said...

salam. terjumpa laman ni waktu search pasal air mata raji :p selamat berkenalan!

moja said...


owh! Hahaha..Nice to meet you! I have't see it too.. Maybe soon! Good Luck in searching! :P

Liyana said...

yeay..my comment made ur blog faymesss
air mata raji ws in my comment!!woohooo
kene blanjer nih...hahaha
air mata raji tuh drama cerekarama hari sabtu lps..

Tatie said...

tanak tengok!

moja said...

Tatie sebokk!!!

afshad said...

I still am famous..
nk tgk prison break..

be serious..
what I wanted to say is we as muslims should work together in advancing Islam..Let them embrace and see how beautiful Islam is..
However if we can't stay unite and keep blaming others, we will always be far left behind..
The example is vividly shown in my blog aite??

Tatie said...

acad fames sebab aku!

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