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Yes! Our very first potluck in this spanking new condominium (erk...apartment)..  But..Since this is our FIRST potluck, only 30 charming (it doesn't men you ain't charming), lucky people were invited tomorrow..

      Don't worry, we going to held the same party in the near future! Hahaha.. :P Very soon, very, very soon! 

TheFlyer! I designed it!

The fllyer was designed by ME!



indecentdecendant said...

near... future???

moja said...

Mwahahaha...Whenever I get a date... (still under influence of 27Dresses) :)

daniel said...

Looks like moja just got himself a new header. Awww... How I love green colour so much.

moja said...


Hahaha... That was just a wild try laa Dan. Gonna change that soon also.. Mwahaha... Mine stil didn't look as good as yours tho! :P

Tatie said...

kelab pemikiran mahathir. (:
better ask opinion from IZZA first. oke?
it's not a club. it's like a subject.
haha. n u're gonna have final.

moja said...

owh! Don't worry! I'll ask soon! Thanks for the info! :P
Long Live TUN!

izza kagum sama Tun said...

tatie, xpayah la nak hasut orang jangan masuk pemikiran mahathir. ko ni saja je sabotage.

mojo, masuk je Thoughts of Mahathir..sangat best!

moja said...

Izza kagum sama Tun
Panjang nye name ko izza! and its MOJA not mojo!! Huhuhuu!! Gue mesti masuk punya! Go TUN!

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