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I've just visited Saru's Understanding Color just now and baam! It's like a call for the curly like me to jot something on my ultimate pristine weapon here, my blog. Not only the punks, emos or etc, etc got their own blues about their hair, we do too!

Here are some not-so-positive responds from friends of mine:

  • Rambut ko bukan wavy, it's curly!
  • Curly-haired people are like niggas! ( Dang! It's really pissed me off! )
  • Xpayah laa sikat rambut..It's just look damn same...
Having this curly-wurly hair is totally a bless from God! At least, I have hair, not to show off what I possess, but to know that God created people in many kind and forms. Some people keep on be like a perching parrot; I x support racism laa, this laa, that laa... but comparing people to Niggas is really a crime, just like those Apartheid days. At least, I don't try to change what God has given to me and have no regrets over it. Imagine if all of us got ruler-straight hair... Borink!
Therefore, stop comparing because we have our own specialties as well as weaknesses. There's no point of having straight hair, If you have curly-wurly mind about others! Right?! Straight, Curly, Bald, Botak tengah ke....rambut jarang ke... are cool! As long as you have straight mind (& sexual orientation too!!!) :P
Current Mood: Straight, unlike my hair.
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daniel said...

moja, I do understand your feelings. Well, I used to tease a guy friend who has curly hair. I never knew how he felt everytime we teased him until the day he told us his feelings. From then I never tease people whose hair is curly. I tak ada curly hair, cuma wavy hair. Haha.

moja said...

Hahaha.. Just want some people out there know that it's ani't cool at all mockin people right infront of him/her. I don't really feel intimidated or annoyed by it, because sometimes I do make fun of others too.But I really pissed off when ppl coparing with niggas. They are human to.. Is that they're a bit lower in standard than us? Hell, no. It's actually a parameter, how far some people sensitive abt what's going on out there. :)

lovehatetragedy said...

huhu... well you are commenting on my words during ctu class right?? haha... you mocked me and i did the same to you.. what's da diff?? i think about what you've said about me and keep it to myself because i'm not perfect... that's what friend is all about.. making a joke out of that is kinda fun... you're really pissed of for the things that came from my mouth?? then try to think about the words that you've spoken? do you even think about that?? well as for me, i can take my friends joke... i think of it as a joke even if i don't like it.. come la.. niggas are humans just like you and me... it's a good thing i compared ur hair(not you) with blacks... what if.....

hellafrenzy said...

straight sexual orientation is as important as having a straight mind??? ahahahaa

it's rather sudden to actually point it out on this topic,,,i literally burst out laughing,ahahaha
(i guess,,it has something to do with my schemata,lol)

moja said...


Ooopsie!! Did I mention any names up there? Nope.


why have to laugh? Bdw, you really need to laugh of late! keep Laughing! :P

ahmadyusrie said...

ahaha...i had a wavy hair too but not too curly la...
it's cool what...people said this kind of person is "kaki putar belit sket" unlike a straight hair guy "lurus bendul"...
pluss...our prophet Muhammad has this wavy hair (not too straight, not too curly)...i heard this from ceramah utz Ismail Kamus..
Soo...long live wavy hair guy!!

val said...

very true... appreciate what we have...
my hair is curly too... but saya luruskan.... hahahaha... my mum said can... :D

saru@hash said...

like i said.
belive me man, I HAD WORST.
but i started to wuv this hair.


moja said...

Haah.. I almost forgot about that fact! Yeah! Hehehehe :)

moja said...

Hahaha...Never thought of 'ironing' my hair... My sis asked b4 and she did, I think it just a waste of money..Hahahaha... But for girl ok laa... :P

Kerinting is NOT a crime!!!
Nelson Mandela pon curly, and he made it into history!!!

hellafrenzy said...

(still laughing)

yepp,,i'm glad that u've posted something that gives me a reason to laugh,,
well,i'm totally aware that i really need to laugh lately..
tanx again oppa!!!

afshad said...

my hair is a wavy type..
a lil bit OK than curly..:)
but thinking to iron-flat my hair..
next sem kowt..that time I can lend u my ironer..huhu

moja said...

I think I would be weird if got my hair str8..... Hhohoyt... You think CURLY ok ke? ceh!


:P hahahahaha

cekyam said...

er.wavy ke curly ke flat-straight ke, semua best,semua cool.
the most important thing is to keep ur shag kemas n manageable.hehe.
then only la baru sape2 pon kate ko hensem regardless of those wavy-curly-flat-straight matter!~

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