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I shouldn't be blogging this right now. I have test tomorrow. But I really think I have to blog about this..

I still vividly remember her cheerful face. A face that makes Malaysia proud few years ago. My mom even cut her article out of local newspaper and put on my desk. Sufiah Farooq, 23, entered Oxford University at the age of 13! But now a used-to-be Maths genius is reportedly 'selling' her body after ran away from her parents house at the age of 15 and describe that she had enough of physical and mental abuse that his father drag her into.

Her dad was found guilty for sexual harassment against two of his tuition students and jailed for years. The Malaysian gifted-girl should be smiling with the world under her feet by now, but instead of being it, she now selling her body over the internet by the name of Shilpa Lee. What a tragic ending for a bright girl like her. The only thing that Malaysians can do now is pray for her sanity and hope her will be back on track soon.

Obviously, a gift can always turn into a curse.

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indecentdecendant said...

sad... sad....
almost like my case just that i din turn out bad...
btw... is hectic a mood?
i tot its a condition or situation...

han said...

even the genius don't have all the answer in this world.There's nothing special as a human being, only a bit gift its either to precious it or misused it.
i too misused the trust that my family gave me because human being sometimes 'forget'.

moja said...

yep, I have to agree with that. That's human, we do make mistakes in our everyday life. May God help her and also us in finding our way back to His love.

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