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[Rainy Days]

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Raindrops tickled my face not long ago, and I care not to wipe them from my face. Maybe acidic, some people might say. Still wondering I am, how these small drops of heaven can turn into something harmful. They are timeless dancers that dance from heaven to reach earth, to nurture, enliven and give a ray of hope to the fields.

I am just a mere human. One out of millions, sharing the same air you breathe, the grass you step on, and even the same over-played songs you sing. I am not a politician with razor-edged words. I am not. I am not a clown that will brighten your gloomy days with jokes. I am not. I am not a quitter, just because you asked me to do so. I will not.

I see power as the root of all evil. I know Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin or Saddam. I saw how they'd turned nations upside down. But I also see power as the seed of better tomorrows. I've come to learnt power may turn yourself to be Gandhi or Teressa. But I can't help myself from committing mistakes as I walk to the altar. I may stumble, hurt and cry. At times, I soon to realized that, you don't have to prove to anybody around you how 'good' you are. Or how high your potential is. You just don't have to. You just have to sit, and start doing your job.

You can't sew someone's mouth shut. Neither literally nor figuratively. But you always have choices to be made; to shout back at them, or do your what you supposed to do and just be silent. You can always start to bicker around, but I won't get anywhere.

The more closer we are to the Dreams, the more Evil will seek you to chain your feet down to the ground. They are sore losers with tired cliche words to make you doubt. But what didn't kill you will make you darn much stronger.

God is great.

but you are not.


Azie Nazri said...

Power is dangerous but if it is given to the right people, it could be a gift not only to the person himself, but to others surrounding him.

Power as a gift is used wisely, unselfishly and gratefully. If the power works, he will not forget that it was a gift and being a gift, he would be grateful to The One giving it, the All Mighty.

If there are challenges in the way, he would not think of it as a burden but as a way for him to make that bigger step of improvement.

Good Luck! :)

LIYANA said...

moja,always remember the line frm one the bestest tv show ever...

"You're nothing until you're talk about!"

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Moja Amin™ said...


Yeap. Azie, couldn't agree more!

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