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Another chapter is about to be closed, and obviously I hope everything will be much better by the next chapter. Our life is just like a really, really thick book. It goes chapter by chapter, and every chapter promise you different story and ends too. Yeah, we do.

For a friend, even though life's not been easy on us I hope you're proud for what we had. I hope when you look back on the time we had, you'll be proud. Separation is just another face of Love. Remember the times we laughed together, the times we believe that we can last forever. Whenever you remember.

Happy Holiday to you, me and everyone!

Be good and see you guys next semester!!


afshad said...

I see something..
opps someone..
someone that is HER presence is rather ambiguous in this picture..

Tatie said...

acad mengumpat tentang siapa?

moja said...

acad gedik!
ak bagitaw freaky!

Liyana said...

agak laa!!!
nape tetibe die d'ctu????muahahaha

Tatie said...

kejam weh

Liyana said...

hehe..kiddin jer laaaaa
sape suroh acad start!!!
use ayat izza plaks tuh 'ambiguous'plaks tuh...muehehe

moja said...

acad si pemfitnah!
hehehehe! borink sungguh cuti ini!

indecentdecendant said...

mak saya ada ajak org cina sblh rumah saya yg pandai baca Quran masuk Islam...
org cina tu kata...
"tamau wooo... lu punya Tuhan suka 'uji' olang baik2 wooo"
does this applies to u?

Liyana said...

hahaha..klakak la org cina tuh..huhu
agak r cuti nih dh semakin bowink..xtau nk tgk dvd ape lg nih...

moja said...

lolllll ;)

ak pon bohrink!!

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