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i am jane said...

syhh. he's kinda mine.

moja said...

Ok2..You can keep him, I'll keep Fazura OK? Deal?


Tatie said...

dia ni boifren saye.

moja said...

Sume orang mengaku that I am their problem. Kinda hard to face people with the screams and pullings after I won the AI... Geezz! :)

moja said...

i AM THEIR BOYFREN.. that souns better.. :P

Liyana said...

ewwww...i don't like american idol this year...it suxxxx..muahahah
david cook looks like he doesn't bathe,ever!hahaha
hey moja,fazura is mine!!!!she's so damn cool...
One of our senior's who's boyfriend is joe kidd(his blog klubb kidd is on my celeb gossip blogroll) is good friends with Fazura & from what he told me,she's a very cool & down to earth person...huhuu
I heart Fazura but she does drink though...

moja said...

Ye ke? Xpe2, she is sitting next to me while i'm typing this...Hahaha :)
Die kem salam! :P

mysourha said...

I lap david cooook~!!
will you marry me? *tanye aku dengan mata yang bersinar-sinar*

moja said...

Wait, you're asking 'that' David Coook or 'this' David Cook'??


Azie said...

if u ask me whose voice is better?
i would say archuleta.

if u ask me who's cuter?
i would say archuleta.

but if u ask me who should win american idol?
i would say cook.

archuleta sangat la budak2. but he's still really cute though. and i lurrrve his voice. esp when he sang apologize tu. i felt like crying! HAHA.

but yeaa, cook deserves to win. :)

moja said...

I was thinking that archuleta gonna take the title home. The girls went hysterical, of course over his boyish look.

I'm a big fan of Cook since he sang always Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby"! God! I downloaded it right away that night. It was PERFECT! and such a bold attempt.

Congrats to both Davids. Hehehe. :P

mysourha said...


moja said...


Lol! :P

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