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[Theory/Rule No.2: Don’t go pick up the pieces]

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Ok. This is indeed the hardest part. Relationship is like ornamental vase of the Tang dynasty (its just a parable, of course). Very valuable but fragile and we have to handle it with extra care. But once the vase is broken, don’t bother to cry a river over it. Maybe its Ok to cry a bit, but don’t just go mourn over it. The fact is, once the vase is broken, it will never could be mended. We might hurt ourselves with the broken glasses while picking and trying to mend it up. The prudent move is to get rid of the pieces and forget about it.

You have so many relationships to focus on; parent, friend, child(?), brother/sister, uncle/aunt, godparent, niece/nephew, atuk/nenek, cousin, etc. If you failed in a relationship, that doesn’t mean the sky is falling down.

Sometimes, I often being too focus in the broken relationship and deep-six the others. That’s what happened to me and I learnt so much from it. All I can do now is try to improve those relationships, iron out the problems, encourage others and spread a bit warmth and happiness as I go, and hey, you should do the same too! What could be finer?


Anonymous said...

just some equation that may or may not be berkaitan:
ppl say blood is thicker than water rite, meaning blood stands for family n water stands for friend. n ppl also say smthing that goes like "water if cut will always come back together" (dunno the words so made that up.) in this case my opinion is when smthing like this happens, gice it sometime n it will mend some doesnt take long to mend (tu air yg cair la tu) n some take looong time (ha.. yg nih pekat sket). anyway give it time~~

p/s: wah!!! saya tulis blog di blog org len... ooh... kagum~~

Anonymous said...

it took me about approximately 2 years to get over my ex completely...the reason ws because I ws d one who left him..and he ws d most amazing guy i've ever met & though it ws hard 4me,i had to do it cos i just didn't c a future 4us...my point is,sometimes it does takes a long time 4u to get over someone if that person had a strong grip on ur heart..:(

Anonymous said...


Hahahah..Tanx lol for the parable! Hehehehe.. Time heals!

You go girl! sometimes we took absurd decisioin in our life. Whether its right or wrong, there must be some lessons to be learnt, aite? Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

If you failed in a relationship, that doesn’t mean the sky is falling down.<------------- whoaaaaaaa jane suka ayat2 ineh !
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Anonymous said...


sure! hahaha! I'll add you soon! salam berkenalan ya!:)

Anonymous said...

we soo need more love in this world.

make love not war! ;p

Anonymous said...

Yes Azie!

more Love, Less Hate!! :P

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