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[Theory/Rule No.1: Older but unnecessarily wiser]

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Yep. That’s me. I am getting older. Wait, we are getting older every minute, every day. I hate the assumption that since-you’re-older-so-you’re-wiser. I am 21 year old. I lead a carefree life, but still hold tight to my religion. I don’t do sex, drugs, drink etc. But sometimes I do commit mistakes in my everyday life. I hate people reminding me that I should do this and that since I’m getting older - maybe the right word is annoyed.

For me it’s OK for us to commit mistakes. We certainly will learn something from the mistakes that we commit. Yes, time heals and things will get better in times. Don’t put us under unbearable pressure just to fit in the perfect picture of the society. Commit mistakes and learn.

Mistakes are endless in everyone’s list of life. The more mistakes we commit, the more thing we learn in life. The older we get, the more areas we’ve covered to make mistakes in. No wonder our parents always got the right answers to every problem that we embraced. They commit them too.

The keywords are simple, hold tight to our religion, embrace life, don’t afraid to commit mistakes and most important point is learn from it. Yes, Learn!


Anonymous said...

so this means u can still sell urself lahh?n then can taubat whaat.
yeay.moja's gonna bring big bucks to the mak ayam industry!

Anonymous said...

hah...that's true....ppl should NOT be afraid to make mistakes..if only i could make someone realize that..huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Im older and I think I'm gettin wiser too..
menunggu detik pointer this sem..

Anonymous said...

helanisco herneo,

what a name.. Hahahaha :P I NEVER sell myself, hahaha..you're the one who assume so! Ceh.. Hahahaha... Nice to meet here bdw..

Anonymous said...

Yep! LOL! But, diff ppl has diff view of life aite? Hahaha... ;)

Yeah...most of us 'think' so.. and its killin me! Hahahaha! Age is juast a set of number.. who cares?! ;)

Anonymous said...

you know what kind of ppl say " age is just numbers that change every year " ?
the ones that's getting old.

Anonymous said...

Very true! and that's me!! Lol! ;P

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