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Daydreaming is a wonderful thing. I daydream a lot lately, and I came out with this, my very own WishList. The holiday is coming and I've been thinking to work as a part-timer somewhere around Shah Alam. I really want to go back, but I think I will somehow die in boredom just after few days. Fyi, I'm looking forward to go to 7e's open-interview next Tuesday. Geez, I hope Acad and me will be hired.

Here goes by WishList:

#1: a Lomo camera

  • Colorsplash Camera (USD78.19/RM250.20) or Diana F+ (USD52.12/RM166.80) or Holga Pinhole Camera (USD46.78/RM 149.69).

  • BuyingPossibility: 3/5

  • I really adore these cameras. I do. and I know that I have to sweat for it! My friend, Izza wants it too! Hahaha. I've been 'Google'-ing the price of this toys and I will be looking for it in stores next month. I think.

#2: Crocs' "Off-Road"

  • Crocs' "Off-Road" - RM 169

  • BuyingPossiblity: 3/5

  • I just want a Crocs and 'off-road' is the coolest species of Crocs. It's hideously cool and hey, I can add Jibbitz on it too! Cool! I'm so gonna grab a pair!

#3: iPod nano

  • iPod nano - RM 620

  • BuyingPossibilty: 0.9/5

  • Hahahaha! She's indeed the sexiest kind of mp3 on earth. and of course, sexy comes with a friggin' high price too! It's almost impossible for me to have this year.

#4: iPhone

  • iPhone- RM 2000

  • BuyingPossibilty: 0.01/5

  • Geezz... Another sexiest creature by iGod. Hahahaha. This is my subject of desire since the first time I laid my eyes on it. The most perfect, sexy phone I've ever seen. Seriously. She's my liquid dream! lol! If I have a steady job, I will hunt for it for sure!

Conclusion: I need MONEY! Ka-ching!


izza pokai said...

kalo ko dapat lomo dulu sebelum aku siap ko!


afshad said...

hmm it rhymes with Homo..
that's so lame..it's been overly wear!
3)i-pod nano??
dream on..!!haha
E-Pod cip kan ade..
dream on!
Keje x dapt ag..!

P/S:I wanna camera too..nixon..huhu

moja said...

Hohohoho! Mari kita berusaha untuk mendapatkannya!


moja said...


1. lomo=homo=Love. So what's wrong? Hahahaha

2. Crocs= Vans= DC= Selipar Jepun = Teroompah! Sume overly worn! Muahahaha! Unless you wear Phua Chu Kang's yellow boots, that's HOT !

3. iPod. My Mac, it starts with a DREAM! zZzZzZz...

4. iPhone. It's really a dream. Grad baru mampu beli. Hahahaha :P


diyana said...

halu, thanks for dropping by. :D
i want iphone too..

moja said...


No sweat! Hahaha... Go lomographers! ;)

hamzani said...

Lallalala... MAcBOok kan ader.. kena laa ader complete set of Mac... ahaks... as for me.. Dapat MAcbook this year pun dah like heaven... kena berusaha juga laa untuk dpatkan Ipod (same arr kiter kan) sebab lepas ni sony antrac player xcompatible ngan mac hehehe It's all about MAC... :D

moja said...


hahahaha... Tu la, a Mac is a total blessing kan? Hehehehe... iPod? hehehe... mcam xmungkin je dis year. Unless ade org nak bagi as xmas present! ;)

indecentdecendant said...

need MONAY!!!!!

Hamzani said...

heheh i change to wordpress sebab most blogger yang komen pakai wordpress.. then masih baru lagi kan dalam dunia blogger... lagipun... dah try macam wordpress ni senang skit dari blogger.. :D

moja said...


Money grows on trees...


Hehehehe...welcome to wordpress dude! we're family!!! ;)

Liyana said...

aq pom nk iphone!!!
agree with acad..crocs are ugly..i'll stick to my red-soles Christian Louboutin thank you very much...^_^
Wei,aq pom wat Wish list gaks!!!Take a look..muehehe

moja said...


Crocs is a beauty ok! Hahahahaha!
I cant wear that red-soles... mwahahahaha!

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