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M: Where is this ship heading?

Y: I don’t know.

M: Maybe we should just wait and see where it’s going.

Y: Maybe we should go back to the harbour and recheck the precise location.

M: Is it possible? We are so far from the shore.

Y:  It’s impossible. I don’t even know which direction we should go. Do you?

M: I don’t know either. I miss the smell of the beach and the buzzing crowd. I miss the shore.

     (Long pause)

     Maybe I shouldn’t ask you this.

Y: Maybe. But maybe not.


Safwan said...

the dude in the pic looks like you....

moja said...


Gile ke? Bapak beze... Hahahaha :P

Azie said...

HAHA moja malu2 nak ngaku! :p

(psst.. need ur help. noticed that you dont have the title of ur blog kat atas tu.camna nak ilangkan ey?)

-budak baru belajar

Azie said...

ges wut??
dah berjaya!! HAHA
salu camtu, elok2 lepas tanya, terus dapat ilham camna nak buat.:p

-budak dah belajar

moja said...


lol...Hahahahhaha. :P

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