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[Se7enReasonsOfWhyYouWould NotWantMeAsYourBoyfriend]

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First and foremost, “Thanks” to Jane/Ika for tagging me! (notice the apostrophes) … Hehehe. Ok here you go my, se7en deadly reasons!

Se7en Reasons of Why You Would Not Want Me as Your Boyfriend

1st reason: I watch Oprah and National Geographic Channel, not ESPN.

Don’t expect me to go cheer at the mamak stall at the wee hours for FIFA or EPL etc, etc. I don’t play soccer. I don’t even know how to play. And I don’t even bother to learn. Don’t blame me, blame the genes.

I’d rather spend hours watching Oprah or Supernatural or Lost or GossipGirl (Yes.) or other soap dramas on the TV. People say it’s abnormal, but I call it paranormal! It feels good to be different than the others.

I’m an alien.

2nd reason: I love, I talk, I smell Politics.

I Love Mahathir

I prefer Obama. *kick Hilary’s ass.

3rd reason: I don’t know if I love you.

After 3 failed relationships, I found out that I tend to make wrong decision and judgments about others. I came to a conclusion that true Love waits and Love often come when you’re less aware of it. 

4th reason: I’m always broke.

With RM100-RM150 per week, I afford not to pick up the tab for another person. Seriously. I don’t know where on earth the money went to, but one thing for sure is, I’m a cheapskate. That’s a confession, fella.

5th reason:  I often hurt the person I love the most.

Crystal clear ain’t it? No further explanation needed.

6th reason: I blog.

I won’t tell my problem to just anybody. My blog is my true Love. She hears and she responds. My staunch friend since a year ago, responsible in many chaos but still stand still for me! My blog is the only window to the heart of mine!

7th reason:  I’m a proud mommy’s boy.

That’s the ultimate reason I guess. Hahaha. 


i am jane said...

apostrophes? haha.

moja said...

Hahahahaha.. lol! :P

Tatie said...

7th reason IS.

moja said...

See?! I got the reasons right this time! Hahaha

Liyana said...

Ahhh..football mmg xbesh!!!
i don't watch it,i don't understand it..hahaha
dh tgk gossip girl finale x???
my gossip girl season 1 collection is complete!!!huhuu
go oprah & obama!

Liyana said...

ooh,i think u 4got to add tat ur a die-hard britney spears fan..ewww..gahahaha!
although xde la mcm Chris Crocker...muehehe

moja said...

I forgot that one laa! Hahahaha
Leave Britney ALONEEEEEE!

I'll copy your GG next sem owkeh!?! Hehehehe :P

Azie said...

the num 1 reason would not be a reason for me to not want you as a boyfren. not that im giving any ideas here. ;p
but to find a guy that agrees with me that oprah is not boring and who would rather be spending time with me watching GG or read Ahern's than go watch football is a blessing!

moja said...


Hahahahaha... lol..
It's quite 'abnormal' to typical guys out there. Believ me.
Oprah is cooool. If I'm going to be a rich guy, I wanna be like her!
Hahahaha... We need Oprahs in Malaysia!

helanistico herneo said...

i think the 3rd reason is kinda vague.
come on moja.

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