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Dear God,

I know that I'm not being a good believer after all. After all the sins and misdemeanor that I commit. But hear me please.

They were my best friends. Some says best friends never end. But things went upside-down. It's like a paperback novel that has a beautiful start, but the ending still seem blur. Sometimes, I think that it would be better that I go and grab another book to read, or just throw the book that I've been reading into the trash, but I can't.

People says, its better for me to let go. To turn over a new leaf, but it ain't easy as they think. Believe me.

We listened to Linkin Park. We watched Supernatural. We do things that blood brothers would do. And I miss all the memories. I felt at ease to be someone like him. What he didn't see was me spiraling down; anxiety, depression, compulsion. He did ask me, but I will never tell him. and that was my biggest mistake. I pushed him away.

It's been almost a year, and I think things are going further from the right track. I meet new friends, I started to laugh again, but part of me still in a gloomy and dark place. And I somehow can't forget them for what we've been through.

Dear God,

Will things get better in time? I keep believing on it, but it seems not happening. The cut on us is getting deeper. The gulf that separating us getting wider. Will it gets better in time? Why did you make us such a complex beings? Why did you allow us to feel Love, hurt, pain and sorrow? Why do you watch us suffer? 

It's been too long.


Hamzani said...

arelow.. hurm for me.. xkisah laa sape yang mewujudkan jarak... janji kita cuba untuk mendekatkan balik.. say sorry even kita xslah.. say it first.. then follo the flow.. kalau x juga... try laaa cara dengan cara... if not getting better.. u should leave this case closed... dah berusaha kan.>>

Tatie said...

Tuhan maha adil.
mungkin Dia jarakkan kita dengan seseorang sebab org tu dah tak layak bersama kita, or kita dah tak layak bersama org tu..

afshad said...


safwan said...

maybe ni Allah nak testing....

mane bole kite ckp kite beriman tapi Allah tak testing kite, betul tak?


jgn sedih2...


moja said...

Things are getting better. We are working out on it. Hooooooooooooohohoho! Hope things will get better next sem! Dimana kami akan berkawan kembali! This applies to alll! Meh kite pimnik ramai2!!! Muehehehehe!

moja said...

bdw, I extracted this from a book, "If you wanna be a friend, be a GOOD friend". :P

We meet thousands or at least tens of people everyday, but very few will leave their prints on your heart when they left. :) as in my case, those two people are friends that leave kinda permanent mark. So, I won't let go!! Hahahaha! :)

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