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What If…

What if I told you, that I want you to be mine? Will you say ‘yes’ or something else?

One day, all of this will make sense. This not just a tale to be told, but a truth to be discovered.

Tonight I don’t want to be in my shell no more. I want you to listen; I want you to know that I will wait till the end of the day. Do you think the same way the way I do? Or someone else is occupying your mind? Let’s play confessions.

I used to be too afraid to fall. But this time, I am going to try. Yes, for you I will. I’m too tired seeing you from afar. So, I’m sorry if I stutter due to pile of clutters in my head. Now, it’s time for me to bid farewell to my fears.

This feeling is neither Lust nor Passion.  This is not something in between. This is you and me. and I know that these are just words. Simple, pointless words from a man that in Love. But believe me, they are everything.

I want to walk in a green field with you beside me. I want to shout your name so you will hear what my heart been saying all these days. I want to walk on the clouds so we can lie and fall asleep and grow old together. I care not about the sun and the moon. I only want you.

This is just a myth of you and me.

It is ridiculous, but it is not untrue.





emomotamus said...

one honest writing... but u need to change some word... :D

like "i will wait till the end of the day" to "the end of time"

"i'm to tired watching u from afar" instead of "see"

and i think "you and me" suits better than "you and i"

a man who's in love is better than thats in love

dem... i am a busybody...
sorry... but i think ur writing is honest... peace out

moja said...


I changed here and there. A busybody? Yes, you are. Hahahaha!

No lah, I think my imperfections make this perfect.

nashrah said...

hahaha emomotamus ni funny la :)) i agree. your imperfections are responsible for making this writing perfecto. dont be afraid of the what-ifs. you'll be ok :)

Liyana said...

yesh...ur imperfections make it perfect..hehehe

hey u knw wat??
carpe diem & sieze the day...go for it laaa!

moja said...


Hahaha! Thanks!

moja said...


Yeah, I should grab the opportunity right?
Doa kan ak yerr..

irma ain said...

hey moja,
just bgtau je dia.
atleast xnyesal nati.
klu xbgtau,xtau dia reject or terima.
klu reject at least jgk kamu tahu hati dia n kamu rasa lega.
insyaAllah ada jodoh,ada la. :)

moja said...


Btol tuh.
I'm still gathering confidence + Strength to tell her.
In progress, I must say.

faidz said...

ill give u full of support from behind...
cam ayat najib je (kami berdiri teguh di belakang paklah)

Liyana said...

okays..aq & doakan..
weih doakan laa aq bertemu jodoh dlm mase terdekat nih...hahaha

Liyana said...

eh..aq akan doakan..slh type!

moja said...


Sure, I will!


moja said...


Teguh ke Najib tuh?
you'll be a Faidz, its more than enough dah!

Thanx bro!


izza said...

i really like the picture. nice :)

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