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I've just came back from my phonetic test. And I'm screwed.

I was caught cheating by Mr. Karim, my lecturer of the subject. Red-handed.

It was the first 30-minutes, I think and Mr. Karim went to my desk and discovered the hidden notes I made. The total time allocated for the test is 2-hours.

And the rest 1 1/2 hour was hellishly tormenting.

This was the first time I was caught red-handed, and the right word to express the feeling is BAD. Yes, I feel bad, and I know I'm bad. Right after the test, I put my courage together and met him in person and I said, "My name is Mohd Zulfadli and fail me if you want and have to, but I'm sorry". That's exactly what I've said to him. And he looked into my eyes and said, "Why should I do that? I will still mark your paper but don't do it again. Bulan Ramadhan." and I said " Sorry" and marched out of class.

In my head there's a voice kept on saying;

" Is that allll?"

" Is thattttt alllllllll?"

The words he said just made me feel even bad. Scold me. Give me an F. Say something nasty to me because I deserve them all.

I feel bad.

I feel bad for me.

I feel bad because I cheated him.

I feel bad because I cheated myself.




What did I trade my innocence for as I grow up?






Tatie said...

yeah..is that all?
gud for you then..
go moja go!

hafriz said...

Well you learned it the hard way. Relax mate.

emomotamus said...

well... i think its fair...
because u probably wont get full marks
and the guilt already haunt you...
just dont do it again...
u know its wrong
be okay!

niza syazre said...

relax la dude, i kene pun teruk dgn mr karim las sem..but not for cheating la..it was for my poorly written assignment..oh that was harsh too..but he taught me sumthing...which is...to think..dun wory moja, ull do fine nanti..all the best tau..da da, x mo masam2..takut aku tgk muke kamu tadi..on ur way passin thru us...

nur aimi said...


Yup, Niza and I were worried when we saw you passing by with that sad face of yours.

I didn't know it was because you got caught.

Hey, I guess, it's better to get caught now for doing something like that than later being caught for something even worse.

You've learned your lesson. And you should be grateful that Mr. Kieran was not hard on you.

But you should know, after this, he'll pay even more attention to you so, please, avoid such things ok?

You'll feel better. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but, you will.

And if you ever need help with your studies, we're all here for you. We'll always be.

I hope you'll feel better. Take care ok?


afshad said...

tu la..
da elok2 buat compact notes ko pegi bukak gedabak notes buat apa..


tapi compact notes aku pom tak membantu tadi..

Nazz said...

2nd Chances are hard to come by.. Your very3 lucky..

I don't think Kieran is the kind of person that has grudges against his students, but he'll definitely keep an eye on you..

Now you can try harder Moja.. Don't take this too hard.. Try to forget about it and move on..

moja said...


Go mana tatie?
A go-go?!


moja said...


ful mrk?
r u kiddin' me?!

I'll b ok!

moja said...


Very, very harrrrd way.

moja said...


I'll be fine for sure. (mintak2 lah)


moja said...


That's for sure.
An 'eagle' eyes on me after this.

moja said...


Lepas ni xnak laa buat compact notes dah.


moja said...


Thank youss.

I should try harder (not to cheat).


nur aimi said...


Eagle eyes pun, it's Kieran's eyes..

And if you use that to your benefit,

You'll be one lucky guy..

Pay attention in class, participate..

Trust me, Kieran will help you out in all your difficulties..

He's not that bad once you see the real side of him..


Azie said...


really moja??
kantoi big time tadi??
patutla dia cam duk kat belakang.

uuuu, it was brave for u to say that tho.
because yes, sangat salah untuk anda buat notes!
lawakla plak. tak sangka plak bawak notes.
patutla cari pot belakang ye? ;)

but the quiz waaas terribly hard.
if i had notes, i would have a peek too.

nice of him to forgive you.
been hearing that he's pretty strict with marking and all.

nampak sangat ALLAH sayang.
sebab tu dia bagi kantoi. :)

so dont be so hard on yourself.

and pls Ya ALLAH let Mr Karim be just a tiny bit leniant in marking our paper. Ameen.

moja said...


Kieran pon manusia gaks.
I don't feel afraid or anything.
I just feel BAD.
That's all.


moja said...


Yeps Azie. Kantoi big time.
Xpayah laa have a peek. Nanti kantoi plaks.

Yes, he's strict indeed, my seniors said.

"nampak sangat ALLAH sayang"
hmm... mudah2an. Hmmmmm..

xbuat dahhhh!!!


niza syazre said...

relax relax..bende2 cam ni xperience dowh..i bet u'll smile n laugh at urself when u go 4 ur teaching nanti!then u can tell to ur students!look it at d bright side!

moja said...


I will definitely tarik telinga my student that caught red handed!. Hahahahaha


nyonyanurul said...

no wonder la ija ckp die nmpk mr karim said sumtin to u.

he's really nice...

lps ni, don't do that again k? no more bringing in toyols during tests/exams...

that's for ur own good... :)

nur aimi said...


Don't feel bad..

Just like what Niza said, this is part of your life experience..

You have to look forward and move on..

Stop punishing yourself ok?

We all hate seeing you like this..


nashrah said...

moja, i wouldnt say im not surprised to read this post cuz then again i myself would want to tiru cuz d test was freakin hard! its ok, at least u were brave enough to say sorry and face him right? xpe u learned d hard way. nnt u dah taubat xnk wat lg. smile! :)

moja said...


feel bad.


moja said...


punish myself?
that's a no-no. Hahaha. Thanks
lessons learnt.


moja said...


lessons learnt.



wan_chai said...

lain kali buat lagi k..
Baru Rock mcm Britney ko..
Gihhim more...

moja said...

Wan Chaiii,

Bisa tuhhh.


wan_chai said...

Kenapa ko mcm hepi je ni?
sape suh ko hepi?
patut ko bersedih,menyesal,bermuhasabah diri..ko mesti disalahkan sepnuhnya dlm hal ni..dorg ni saja nak manjakan ko..
huahuahua..(nak jadi jahat!)

p/s: ak bukan org indon ya..bisa2 plak dgn ak..

nur aimi said...

Wan Chai,

It's gimme okay? Not Gihhim!

hahahaha :-P


Good.. Don't ever do it again..

Or else, we'll be the one to punish u!


moja said...

Wan chai,

Ak hepi laa sebab ak ade kwan2.

Ak dah sedih, muhasabah dri dahh..

ko bukan org indon ka?

moja said...


Ish. Lirik pown salah.

xbuat dah!


Hamzani said...

xper laa moja.. sabar jer laa.
dia dah cakap kan... hurm.. chill k..???

moja said...


Sure I'll do!


i am jane said...

haha. i took phonetics last semester and i aced it ,i kid you not !

hafal je all the ridiculous looking letters , moja :D

theodore said...

Is this for real?
you ought to feel bad.

stop cheating,boy.
when you cheat,you humiliate yourself.
you send the message to yourself and to other people that you are not capable of anything.

I've seen these loads cheaters.
even in my class right now.
it sucks knowing the fact that you stick your eyes out, surviving all the notes,doing your revision and the next morning you wake up just to find out your friends come to class with colorful notes under their sleeves.
it ain't fair.
never be.

believe in you brain,boy.

nashrah said...

whoa putih background. sgt clean. nice:)

nur aimi said...


Wah.. Layout br nampak..

Sgt contrast dgn previous layout..

Hehe :-P

moja said...


Sucks it is!

moja said...


I wished it was a dream too, but its not.

Thanks for the piece of advise theo! I learnt the lessons.
I will squeeze more juice of my brain next time.


moja said...


Black and White.

moja said...


White theme this time around, I think I still prefer the prev one tho.


Liyana said...

OMG!!Aq dh lamer xbukak blog..bz maa..huhu
bru jer bace post nih...sian giler kat ko!!patut la monyok jer hari tuh..

i couldn't have imagine what ws it like having to endure another 1 and 1/2 hours sitting in front of mr.kieran and knowing that he's watching ur back at that time..gerunnn..huhuhu

but knowing mr.kieran(2 sems of being in his class),he's a pretty cool person laa..
ur lucky that he let you go so don't take it for granted!!
do your best kay!!!

moja said...


Hahahahaha.. That was the longest 1 1/2 hour in my entire life (so far) Hahahaha.

Ok! Won't do that Agaiiin!

hellafrenzy said...

gosh,,pnjang btol komen2 sume,,pnat bc,ehehehe..
well,,br jek nk ikot jejak langkah oppa,tbe2 da nk insaf plak,,huu~
tp mende2 cmni rsenye kne org berbakat jek kot...
i know someone yg wat mnde ni salu n x pna kne tngkap..
malah tros mnempah kjayaan...
hebat btol..kn kn kn :D

moja said...


Insaf dah ni noona!!
Tobattt. Hahahaha..
Maybe I dun have that talent afterall. Hahaha!


mysourha said...

oh zul~ ltk la shoutbox,tmpat komen da jd mcm chatbox da ney,hehe.

moja said...


I cannot put shoutbox dalam wordpress!

irma ain said...

anda blm lulus ujian nk meniru.
wen i was in f4,kami 1 kelas passing jawapan n notes.
bersatu hati. :)

but that's a bad thing.
biar rendah asal kita berusaha n puas hati.

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