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Ramadhan is finally here.

A holy visitor that we've waited for almost one year is coming back to meet us and share all the blessings with people who are wise enough to see the chances of purifying his/her heart.

Ramadhan should be a month of change and purification. If we didn't perform solat before, try to perform and maintain it from now on. Sometimes, people do forget that Solat is the first 'amal that will be counted in the day of Hereafter, therefore before any 'amal that we want to perform of intend to do, Solat is a must. Solat are like pillars that joined and made up a good structure of 'amal. If we abandoned Solat, I'm afraid that the good deeds we've done will go to waste. 

Tarawikh is the best blessing of all. I hope all of us will try to perform it, at least 8 rakaats. It's an offer from Allah that we shouldn't miss. The rewards are different for each and every night. It will NOT be the same, if you missed the solat tonight and perform it on the other night. Try to catch as many rewards as you can this Ramadhan. And hopefully we'll meet the night of Layl al-Qadr, The Night of Majesty. InsyaAllah.

I intend not to be a preacher, but this is a just a slight reminder to my brothers and sisters and myself for this Ramadhan. Be apart of it. Celebrate it.

Because we still don't know if we're still breathing next year.


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Anonymous said...

happy fasting, moja!


Anonymous said...

tu laa dulu when i was satu rumah dgn hanna..terawih dgn die,napz,mak & hani...miss those times!!!sob sob
jgn xsahur weih!!!

Anonymous said...


I thanked Naz and I shall thank you too..

I think it's great that you guys are posting up reminders like these as we sometimes tend to forget about the little things that is the most important..

May your Ramadhan be a great one..

Happy Fasting :-)

Anonymous said...


Same je trawikh mana2!
Jgan lupe trawikh n cookies aku!

Happy ramadhan!

Anonymous said...


Happy fasting Kak Aisyah!

Anonymous said...


Welkem2. It's just a small reminder not just for you, but for me as well..

Happy Ramadhan!


Anonymous said...

sedang cuba utk menahan dugann korek idong....

bila bukak pose nnt haul dia lagi byk...

happy puasa and merry raya....

Anonymous said...

yes mari kita beramal! :)

ee safwan ni haha

Anonymous said...


macam ni, sahur karang, korek dalam2.... so xlaa terase dugaan de sngat... Hahahahaha

Happy Puasa to you too!

(raya lambat lagi lah!)

Anonymous said...


Bear mmg cam tuh, xsnonoh.. Hahahaha

Slamat berpuasa n beramal to u too!!

Anonymous said...

selamat berpuasa dear!

Anonymous said...


Selamat kepada kamu juga!!


Anonymous said...

happy fasting.
selamat berpuasa. :)

Anonymous said...


Selamat berpuasa kepada and jugaa!

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