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Nashrah started this.

We had this little conversation in her blog about our favourite TV-series. Hahaha! Here goes my list:

Current Fave: 

1. Supernatural

The Winchester brothers drive around the state hunting for the evil creatures in their Chevrolet Impala. What can be cooler than two best brothers, witch-hunting, revolvers, and an Impala?

Rating: 5/5

2. Gossip Girl

I didn't watch HBO's Sex and the City because my mom restricted me to do so, on account of the word "SEX". Gossip Girl is the new age "Sex and the City", I think. But of course with more gossips and backstabbings. An absolute every parents' nightmare indeed. xoxo.

Rating: 4/5

3. House

Dr Gregory House, a medical genius than will make you laugh your heart out! Who cares about the illnesses, but how he iron everything up that counts. An absolute genius show for a medical Einstein.

Rating: 5/5

4. Lost

Chip's favourite TV show. You definitely have to follow this series from the very, very beginning. Or else, you'll 'Lost' throughout this show. Chip and I still disorientated anyways.

p/s: The best part is this show will only end by 2010, the year we'll be graduated. 

Rating: 5/5

5. Chuck

I LOVE Chuck. An average computer-whiz-next-door who possess almost all world greatest CIA's spy information in his brain after accidentally read an encoded mail. 

Who says a nerd can't save the world?

Rating: 4/5


All-Time Favourite: 

Roswell! (5/5), The O.C (I hate the ending though), One Tree Hill, The X-Files and Scrubs!


My I-don't-watch-these list:


Heroes = Zeroes. A cheer leader to save the world? Are you kiddin' me? Thanks, but no thanks.

2. Grey's Anatomy

This reminds me of my ex. I'll stick with House then. Damn.


Hahahahahahahahaha! A guy with no bellybutton? I care not. Sorry.




Tell me yours !!




nur aimi said...


Aku nye mcm byk je..

So, kene post blog on this la kot?

Nak jot down everything here,

Mcm lg pjg je list tu dr entry blog ko ni..

hehehe :p

moja said...


I'm pretty sure you have a lot.
I don't include more trashy series here, fear of contaminating issues. Hahahaha!


nur aimi said...


Contaminating issues??

hahahahaha :-P

Liyana said...

aq pon tgk chuck!tp season 1 biler dh nk habis tuh mcm buhsan sket..season 2 mesti besh..nicole richie ader dowh!hahah

OTH IS THE BOMB!!!!season 1 & 2 jer aq xde dvd die..yg laen season sume ade..muahaha

weih aq tgk heroes laa!!!one of their kipas susah mati fans!!!HEROES BESHHH!!!
Aq ade dvd both seasons(1&2) if ko nk tgk..muahaha

aq ade the oc season 4(eh,it's with my x..haha)..& it suxs..haha

Solitary Ace said...

why do I get the feeling that this is sooo dedicated to nashy?




moja said...


Nicole RICHIE??? daamn!

Heroes borink. Hayden sucks. Hahahahaha!


moja said...



moja said...

Solitary Ace,

Its not dedicated to anybody, but everybody!


afshad said...

this one goes to Liyana..

nk pjm
nk pjm
nj pjm


I watch it too..OK la..!
at least x de xoxo(nie untuk moja)..

and oh yes..
can't u spot the resemblance between ak ngan Max..

Solitary Ace said...



read Twilight cepat..

moja said...



Max batch kite ke?
If its that max, I can spot hundreds of resmblance for sure. Hahahaha


moja said...

solitary ace,

wait la till I pinjam from nash.


Izlin said...

I loike Supernatural too!

My favourite Dean's line:
"Nobody kills any virgin"

and and, "cheese burger with extra onion.." ooooh, i JUST love him! hehe.

gossip girl memang my wajib-drama minggu ini versi omputeh lol:P
but i do wish that girl with gossips in her hands stays in tv je. tk nk for real. heheee.

oh and for me, heroes ok la sbb ramai jadi superman. hehe. ok fine, sbb peter tu hensem sgt. and i love the soundtrack!~
very unique..

nur aimi said...


I sooooo agree with u..


So not interesting..

The storyline sucks too..


Jgn nk kutuk xoxo k?

GG sangat best..

Storyline pun real..

X merepek mcm heroes tu..

hahahahaha :-P

nashrah said...

waaa i started this? coool :)

roswell sgt sgt sgt best. i think the series was one of the first psl alien-human love story kan. max and liz kahwin kan last2? happy sgt:)

oooh dont even get me started on supernatural. they are the coolest brothers everr! i havent watched season 3 tho. u dah?

oh o.c pun waaaa. hands down my fav teen drama series. x kesah la org nk ckp cite dier tahpape ke tp i grew up with it. mase form 4, form 5 sneaked out of my room just to watch o.c on sun at 8tv. nangis bile marissa mati. nk nangis jugak mase ending dier. wish it didn't end at season 4 :/

moja, u watch GG becuz of the sex ke? ish ish ish hahaha. better u watch grey's anatomy :))

oh scrubs best jgk! ive always wanted jd and elliot to be together. tp x kan? im not sure.

oh lg satu cite i want to recommend to u. u shld watch the sopranos. psl mafia2 kat new jersey. very interesting. storyline dier x psl cinta. that's why i like it :)

nashrah said...

oh nnt kalau u tgk the sopranos, ur sentences dlm everyday conversation akan bakal disertai oleh d word 'freakin' di depan every noun or adjective. contoh:

i'm freakin happy i started this freakin post. this is really freakin cool.

and maybe english anda akan bertukar seakan2 new yorker/new jersey style. best! hahahaha:))

moja said...


SUPERNATURAL is indeed super!!
Best siot!

Bayangkan our TESL community ade gossiper macam GG. mesti cool. Hahahaha!

moja said...


Hhahahaha! Betol2!

nashrah said...

oh X-Files pun best gileee! murder and scully ni cam ade sexual tension between them (thats what i read in the papers cuz mase kecik2 mane tau psl sexual tension) and cite dier mmg btul2 takut. i still igt dier nye theme song... (suddenly become all wide-eyed and muttering 'the truth is out there')

nashrah said...

oh if it was me, i x thn nk keje ngan house :)) i dont understand camne cameron bley ske kat dier ade satu time tu kan. i havent watched d latest season mase die pecat evry1 and ade org2 baru tu. tp house mmg cool. oh i pun ade watch lost jgk once upon a time mase diorg dah jumpe the others tu. tp x dpt nk ikut cuz pening sgt.

see how excited i am cite psl tv shows ni? i gotta stop gving comments kalau tak sampai bile tak hbs haha.

moja said...


Roswell amat best. Waktu umur brape eyh tgok citer tuh. I can't remember.. Long, long tym ago. :P

I've watched thru internet the 3rd season. It gets more and more intense and the dark side of sam is getting obvious. Thanks to his bro, his guardian angel, I must say. :)

GG. NOOOOOO.. I'm not that pervert lah, ok? Hahaha. I just love the mysteries that lurk around upper east sider. I love the gossip girl and I wonder how he/she looks like. :P

Scrubs is cool. Chaotic hospital! I cant really remember the story line, tho. Demn.

The Sopranos? Sounds cool. Dah season brape? Nanti i'll look for it.

moja said...

Nashrah (again),

Best2. Do you watch "Dirty Sexy Money"? Cool jugak tuh!

The spoilt brats. Hahaha


moja said...

Nash (again, again),

Hahahaha. Die punye theme song tuh mmg best la. Mysteious habis. Eyp, do you know that David went to rehab recently due to his sex addiction? Just to inform you. Hahaha!

The truth is out there!


moja said...

Nahrah (hohohoho!!),

Hehehe. Only mentally tough ppl can work with him. Even Chase pown macam bengang kat die kadang2. Hahaha.

Lost is COOL. and mmg berbelit-belit storyline die. Leave your brain under the couch before watching it. cuz it can cause you severe headache. Hahahaha

Give laa more comments, keep flooding this entry! Hahahaha.


Aisyah Sinclair said...


u pon suke tgk ROSWELL?? omegod!! ade geng rupanye!!! :D

irma said...

knp xtgk kyle xy?
sgt menarik okkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

i dh blaja melukis mcm dia pun...
sgt best...

moja said...


Yes, I am!!

moja said...


No offense, but the story succckkksss!!!


jahat giler aku.

ahmadyusrie said...

dude...did u just miss my all time fav. prison break??
n what about those indonesian tv-series anakku bukan anakmu,soleha n co....hahaha

arshad said...

hek eleh Aimi,
kutuk heroes boleh..
ak nk kutuk GG x boleh lak..

ade ak cukup it sucks??
da la lame..
xoxo konon..

story of etraordinary people with extraordinary powers will never perish in this TV-land..
mesti ade nyer..
igt..the man of steel has power..
Spderman has power..
The X-men has power..
Wonder Woman has power..
The Hulk is extraordinary..
The Avengers..
Fantastic Four..

Having myriad of super powers is every man's and women's dream..
u can't deny that..
Being a gossiper??
we were born with that!

*terbang menyelamatkan org

emomotamus said...

sy suke heroes sbb hiro nakamura...
bayangkan dy yg sebut ETHOSAK!!!!

sy suke GG sbb serena chanteq and level of bitchiness in each character sgt tinggi

sy suke supernatural sbb saye percaya mende2 tahyul

sy juga suke yg lain...
ps: nape tade org mention pasal charmed..

Liyana said...

wooot!!go acad!!hahaha
heroes besh!!!jln cerite die unik dowh & twisted!

moja,aq tgk dirty sexy money..woot!!!besh gaks r...

roswell pon besh...lupe plaks nk ckp...katherine heigl 2nd famous tv appearance next to grey's anatomy..huhu

aq & izza ske giler tgk MTV The Hills bersame2 pastuh kiteorg akan discuss psl hidop dieorg...haha..and Laguna Beach!!!wooottt

Acad,ko nk yg mane??nanti msg aq & aq pas the dvd's

hafriz said...

How dare you bash heroes.

Takpe mlm nnti aku tulis komen panjang2...hehe

moja said...

Ahmad Yusrie,

Prison break is cool tuh, I can't recall every thing hahaha.. Tapi I lost track of the show anyways..


Anakku bukan anakku is the bestttt!


moja said...


but HEROES are LAME.

(Gila jahat aku, bashing heroes)

Baik tengok supernatural.

moja said...


Charmed ak tgok jugak.
Siap baca the novels dulu

Tapi da x tgok dah, makin borink.

moja said...


The Darlings amat best . Dah la ade hubungan ngan transexual. Hhaahaha.

Dr Izzy right? Hahaha. Betul2, die faymess sebab Grey's Anatomy.


moja said...


Matilah aku,
the MASTER of all SUPERHEROES is here!

emomotamus said...

ok... sy akan sokong hafriz... yess

moja said...


any disagreements mmg dialu-alukan!


Azie said...

i love The Nanny.

oops, am i out of the topic?
HAHA :p soryyy.

oh n also nerdy chucky.

moja said...


I Love the Nanny too.
Do you know that actually, that woman, Fran is an ovarian cancer survivor?


Liyana said...

omg!!!THE NANNY!!!!!
i ske gilerrr..i have ALL OF the seasons tp dlm format VHS....huhuhu

emomotamus said...

suke the nanny
youre the boss and i'm the nanny (buat suare sngau)

moja.. she not only an ovarian cancer survivor... she's also a rape victim

dem those ppl...

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