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There's a storm in my coffee cup. And I dare not to stare.
There's a storm in my coffee cup. And I wish not to interrupt.

I'm caffeinated. And it's not something that pleased me.

I won't take a sip of my coffee because I'm too fragile inside to see the maybes.
I told myself, "if you loved someone you'd take a bullet for her". I'm no Romeo and you're no Juliet.It's only a mere You and Me. Will you believe the story? Will you be break out of fantasy?

I wonder who and where will I be.

It's raining outside.
It's storming inside.

I still dare not to take a sip.




Nazz said...

Hmm.. You seem troubled.. Your poetry reveals more and more each time..

Anyway, I'm a nescafe addict.. I need coffee.. Coffee!!

Can't go a day without it..

Nescafe.. Saye mst dpt!

nyonyanurul said...

u wrote that poem?

moja said...


Haahaha.. kinda, you're good in reading between the lines eh! Hohohoho.

Nescafe? I'm not really addicted to caffein, but Starbucks. And it keeps a big hole in my pocket. :P

moja said...




nashrah said...

its hard to understand at first :)) but as i read it a few times, i think i get what it means :) u write the most trickiest poems :P

moja said...


That the beauty of poems, I guess.
It's hard to decipher, sometimes you may catch the mood, but to feel and understand any poems entirely is impossible.

Only the poet/writer knows. Betol x? Sometimes I wonder why we learn poems in school/class.


Nazz said...

If you get Kieran for literature next sem, ull learn how critically analyze literature..

moja said...


Hahahaha. Sounds good!
I still mystified why ppl bother to decipher the poems. And the worst is, its GRADED.

OK. Silly me.

Nazz said...

It becomes natural for literature students to analyze everything they see..

Kieran has made a big impact in our way of thinking..

Just hope you get someone like kieran or mdm adzura elier.. She's like the women version of kieran..

Buy mind you this, their both very strict in marking..

moja said...


Oooo. Sounds cool. I Love Adzura. Huisyyh...
Yes, obviously dorang strict. very strict.!


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