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Now we are moving into the third month of 2010. Time flies so damn fast, isn't? Geez. It is time for us to wake up, execute and make ideas happen!

What the hell I'm up to?

I am in the midst of designing a campaign for SIFE & Ethos! Two of my beloved organizations that I joined and in-charge of. The campaign is going to be massive! And now I am accumulating all the supports from people around me. I'll meet Dato' VC next week, and let's see how's his response to my idea / proposal. I hope he'll give the nod to my campaign, InsyaAllah. It's not an easy job, I know. But will I give in and sit back? Hell no.

So, stop hitting the snooze button on our ideas! :)

Who is that clumsy girl? (Jasmine will love this!)

Ergh. I know, I know that I can be helplessly romantic at times. Sorry If I bleed any of your eyes whilst reading my corny "PleaseFuckingFindThis" notes. I just have to let my big emotions out sometimes. But, I don't like the idea of being 'caged' in a relationship, you know. Give me any other commitments, but this kind of commitment will not do. But I am adoring someone now. It's complicated. Hohoho!


Because she's already in a relationship.

Darn it. Loser betul.

Inner demon?

I have a lot of inner demons. I wished I can turn myself into one of the Winchesters' and slay them off. I used to be a resentful person. To forgive somebody (be it a jerk, bitch, or asshole) is a tall order for me. To make me say 'sorry' over things that entirely not my fault is almost impossible. It's so easy to be angry. But soon I realized that I SHOULD be forgiving. Why? These are the reasons;

1) Maybe he/she is a grumpy, tired, aching and very unhappy soul. He had chosen a wrong holiday. So, he tried to vent his anger/ frustration/ displeasure to another human being, which is me. Should I blame him over his bad karma? No. He had suffered bad enough.

2) God has endowed me with so many opportunities, amazing friends and healthy mind. Should I take the low road and be resentful? No. I don't have rights to do so.

3) Being forgiving makes you look easy to be pushed around? No. Being forgiving & tolerant won't erode my principles and show signs of meekness or submissive. Instead, it will nurture my integrity & moral uprightness.

4) I have to much Love to offer and too busy to let hatred and abhorrence step into my heart. :)

p/s: Congratulations, Moja. Now, you've already slay one of the demons. The rest of them demons can anxiously wait.


I know I'm gonna have an amazing year that profuse with opportunities and positivity! I hope God will grant me with more ideas to change others and my self for the better.

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!"


sharman said...

abt the clumsy girl, i understand every word dude. shit. exact same situation, exact same sentiments. like reading my own thoughts damnit.

why do we have such a contradicting heart and mind?

btw, i choose to believe, in my world, he does not exist. pathetic? sedih...

Moja Amin™ said...


Hahahaha! We're in the same boat, eh plane. Hhaha!
Relax sharman, take it easy okay. :P
(oh now it sounds so ironic, like consoling my own self. )

Kita memang sama sedih laa sharman! :D
Ada Facebook tak? Add me lah Mr Pilot!

azalia rahman said...

i would like to ask the same Question too!
who's the subject matter thats making u all romantic and posting words like that ha.
i like the idea of it.
sending her those messages whenever you're thinking of her ;)

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