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[23 Enigma]

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I stared at my Mac's screen for several minutes.

2010. I am 23 this year and yes I have no clear plan for myself. Maybe not yet. Its already February and I have several more months to prepare my team for the competition that we've been preparing for months. That is my ultimate goal for this year. My purpose.

Maybe some of you might wonder, why I bother to jot these down? First, by putting your goals into written form, will make it more 'visible' and as your constant reminder. We are humans, and we need to be reminded at times. I have a lot of resolutions for 2010 due to the fact that I'll be graduating in 2011. I need to prepare myself before I put myself in the graduation robe. And second, I have too many resolutions in my brain, so I think I need to jot it down for ideas would remain as ideas if you only have them rot in your brain. Change starts with words on paper.

2009. As 2009 passed by, I wonder what have I achieved in life? Where the days, the weeks, the months have gone? Did I let them slipped away just like that, or did I embrace them and make full use of the offered time? This year I don’t want to be an indecisive piece of shit.

Hence, I am creating my list of resolutions, and I look forward to achieve more and be the best version of myself this year around.




ada org pernah bgtau aku 23 is a lucky number. :)

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