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[Photobooth: of SIFE, Zang Toi & boredom]

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Spending almost 12 hours in a single office room may lead to cardiac arrest just like Jacko. So, after numerous rehearsals, my Mac always be the best solution to kill boredom! Oh. You may see our working/rehearsing/laughing room back there in the first picture. The second picture is plain unnecessary. Really. Well, together we did some 'pout' lesson with Fahim and burst out laughing like hell. At 3.00 in the morning. Priceless.

p/s: Make yourself free on 20th July 2009 and see us rocking the stage of PWTC.
p/ss: Did I tell you that we'll be wearing Zang Toi's on that day? Epic!


Hafriz said...

Cam whore habih

nyssnisacha said...

okay..i think there's something wrong with my eye...apekah??sapekah??yg kat blakang tu?atas lantai,first pic..
20th July???bkn Monday ke tu???aisey...gonna skip class la cmni cos nk pnjam bju zang toi tu....huahahahahaaa =P

Azie Nazri said...

hehe funny. I keep using the word priceless too. I love the hols. Dont you? ;)

bintangbicara said...

seriously ? zang toi ?
like seriofuckingusly?

je who? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
je who? said...

tahniah even xmenang.. 1st runner up xler terok sgt.. ok pe.. uitm patut bg insentif (ini ke perkataan die.. ntah).. stkt rm500 mane cukup.. thousand will be nice..

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