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[Guy #3]

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I need a me-time.

I think I spend 98% of my holiday away from my home. My only happy hunting ground. Everyday my team and I been working for hours in little 4x4 room in MEDEC; working on the scripts and trying our very best to represent UiTM in the next month's SIFE national competition. I have a really hard time memorizing the script, but I'll do my best!

KLue Urbanscapes 2009 is coming and I am thrilled to be there next week! I already told my mom and she already gave me the 'green light' during her 'surprise' visit in Shah Alam last week. The fact is, I really, really need some space to clear up my mind and maybe make new friends would be the best ideas. I can't wait to meet (and buy) local creative shirts there and enjoy the performances all day long!

I was so bored just now and I YouTubed Sasquatch music festival, and it was AWESOME. I fffound this clip on YouTube and this is my favourite! I LOVE GUY #3.

Please watch this;

I heart the initiator a.k.a Guy #1
heart the believer a.k.a Guy #2
I (
effin') heart the mindless, amazing GUY #3.

... GUY # 49 is

So, put on your Ray-Bans and blow!


Azie Nazri said...

SIFE sounds really exciting to me so dont worry, your sacrifices will be worth it. But yea, its so nice being home (hehehe saja nak bagi jeles).

Watched the vid. Moja, whatever you do, please DO NOT shake your bon bon like that hahahaha.

Moja Amin™ said...


Yeah it's exciting you know, but it will drain to much energy and consume much time. (oh I really, really jealous now) :((

Oh thanks for watching. Maybe I should shake (whatever i can shake) liddat you know. Maybe when nobody familiar around. hehehe

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