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KLue Urbanscapes 2009.
(I gonna need a Ray Ban!)


aina said...

banyak nye duit u!if it was rm5, i would definitely go.nie rm 25!!!mahal glerrrrr

Moja Amin said...

Aina Banana,

(I learnt that name from your mashed potato. The power of FB it is!)
Oh I really need a good happy hunting ground, you know. Need to chillax a bit. Hehehehe!

Sebenarnya, I homesick.

Anonymous said...

wah..jeles seyh....tiket transformers dh ade??

Moja Amin said...



Megan Fooooooooooooooooxxx!

Liyana Hanim said...

thanks moja for buying it..haha
weih..ko nk pakai wayfarers ker nanti??aq ade kaler hitam tp aq nk pakai la tat day..hahaha

daniel said...

Moja, I'm also looking for a RayBan, probably a brown or dark grey. Can't wait to grab one during sales.. Enjoy ur Urbancscapes!

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