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this is shitty.



change we believe in




mrTAJ said...


this is indeed beyond sad...


well it happen to our country too...


i hate politics

hafriz said...

Change - we need.

Some of these American republicans are downright racist cunts (sorry) and things may not flow well for Obama now with these insecure whites voting for McCain.

Anybody watched the today?

hafriz said...

I mean 'debates' today?

nur aimi said...

ok, it's bad enough that they're criticizing obama..

but for them to actually support mccain n PALIN??

that's beyond sad.. i mean, a 5 year old kid can tell how stupid she is..

let's just hope that there are still some americans who are decent and educated enough to see how great obama is..

hafriz - i haven't yet.. looking for a clear one on utube..

nur aimi said...

owh2.. hafriz, i've watched it..

dh post kat blog ak pun..

mccain is so going down..

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