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Time has made fun of us.

We laughed, we wept and we hurt each other. It doesn't matter no more. The heart is too tired to think anymore, but there's always a space for another precious two. The irreplaceable two; and yes it's you.

Time mends.
Everyone says it and we tried so hard to believe in it. But it just won't go away. You wore my heart on your sleeve and it felt so good. Sometimes we just want the good old days back in our life, but regretting won't bring any good. So we just let the feeling pass, letting it go.

The years have been cruel to us. The urge to forgive ourselves for what we've done. It's not easy but it's not supposedly being that hard. We said to ourselves, "It's time to let go. Let go". But we still gripped it firmly. I won't let it go. Will you?

Another chapter is about to come to an end. And words are all the things that I had and have. I'm no a wordsmith. I'm no good in words, but believe me this table is the only place I call home. And it will always be. I have no more Love stories. I don't want one too. Because I have no one to share with. But, hey! Life is full with surprises, we'll never know when He will play His tricks. Till' the day our Friendship speaks louder than words.

We are young.
But we are getting old.

You said, "Let these years be a remembrance for us in the future". I agreed. Without friends, no one would want to live, even if he had all other goods. And then we'll have a cuppa, here.

A place for thee. A table for us three.


"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
Walter Winchell





Tatie said...

kamu akan walk in untuk saye?

moja said...




mrTAJ said...

oit... ahahahaha... this kinda remind me of the song big girl dont cry... :D

i know this is kinda sad for u and there's nothing i could do but i can assure u that i am glad that i know u and we are friends alongside the other (that includes u tatie)... i know we are not that close but i know u are worth befriend with.. cheers...

Azie said...

"I’m no good in words..."

i beg to differ!

mr moja, ur beyond good in words.

moja said...


Did I mention Fergie up there? Hahaha! I keed.

Yeah, Cheers!


moja said...


Hehehe. Thanks for the compliment. You've just made my day!


nashrah said...

nape semue org tulis post sedih ni :(
btul tu. i second azie on this. u can really write moja. embrace that. :)

moja said...


Yeah. It's a bit melancholy, no? Hahaha.
but it's not sad. It's something in the middle.

ohohoho. I'm flattered. Thank you, thank you.
(eventhough I still don't think so.)

maybe I need to go for Sharon Bakar's creativee writing workshop to sharpen up my words. Kan?

(ok2, brangan)
Thanks, people!


nashrah said...

sape sharon bakar? ade creative writing workshop? bile? oh im so clueless. nak pegi :))

moja said...


I've given you the link, go and get to know her!

izza said...

"time mends"

moja said...




izza! said...

yeap. who knows till it really does, right?

safwan said...

kenapa nak kene three?

Liyana said...

love remains the same???
tat quote is so true!!!

moja said...


It's a secret I'd never tell.
gossip girl.


moja said...


Yes, Izza.


moja said...


Yess.. Should always remain that way.

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