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thou shalt not vex a twilighter.

OK. That may sound rubbish, but who cares. When I was surfing the webs, I was 'buzzed' by a friend that hadn't YM me for ages even if he's online almost every night. He sent me that frantic laughing smiley(s); and I wholeheartedly asked him why? why? why? and He YM-ed "First time aku taw org laki baca Twilight! Pompuan je baca weyh!"

I replied not.

My bad though; I brain-dead-ly put "Twilight Disorder" as my YM status that night.

But that's not the point. The point(s) are;

1. I am not just a Twilighter. I am a reader.
2. Since when books are discretely fixed accordingly to genders?
3. Haven't he heard the "Don't judge a book by its cover" idiomatic expression?
4. He sucks.
5. He sucks.
6. He's friggin' sucks!


I'm a Twilight addict at present. Don't take away my drugs.

Now I may continue my moonlight-reading in peace.







nur aimi said...


People tend to be really stupid sometimes..

Thus, making assumptions like that..

There's no specification at all on what books male reads and what books female reads..

Guess he never read a book in his life before..

Ignore him.. Enjoy the books.. I kinda feel like reading them too..

Btw, 3 down, 2 to go! (I'm fast kan??)

hehe :-D

nashrah said...

twi-hard :)) thats funny. oh dont listen to other ppl. mmg x ske sgt org camtu. yg jenis pk bende ni certain ppl je bley wat. suke hati kte la. nk tekankan lg bhw books are UNIVERSAL. anyone, x kira miskin atau kaya, tua atau muda, semue sama shj (ok cam dah lagu raya) can read any book they want. :D

moja said...


Hahaha. Btol2!
Hahaha.. have no qualms, I'm enjoying every single page of the books. Hahahaha

Whoa. That's fast! (despite your piles of assignmnt to do)


moja said...


Hahahaha. Twi-hard it is.

Betol2! books are UNIVERSAL.
Selamat Hari Raya, Aidlifitri mulia...
(masih dalam mood raya)


Solitary Ace said...

First of all, do I know that person?

tell me.. because I have things to say..

Muahahhahaaa... I'm feeling eeviiiiil tonight..

moja said...

S. Ace,

Hahahaha.. No you don't.

Abes laaa...
Piqah's turning herself into a werewolf! huuuu!!!


Solitary Ace said...

Okay good..

1) Tell that person to go to the deepest and darkest pits of hell for not having an open mind to things.. (sorry mojha,I know he is your friend)

2) Ask him, "Which planet do you live on?"

3) Tell him, "Just because you lack the sense of imagination and creativity in your God-given mind, it does not mean others share your boat.."

4) "Wow, I pity you for your loss.. Thanks to these books, I have LOTS of friends.."

Mojha.. I think I did enough evil for the night..

to that dude, if you are reading.. then I am sorry because you have to read some greatly pathetic things about yourself.. try to be not so narrow-minded. We have enough animosity and ignorance spreading on earth..

okay, I'm done. I think.


momo said...

twilight? best ke?

moja said...

Sol. Ace,

Thank you2!

You're one real Twilighter! :P

moja said...


Depends, momo.
I Love this book. Why don't you give it a try?
Who knows you'll end up loving it too?


Abdullah said...

aq rse bkn aq kot yg ko maksudkan dak tu..

moja said...


bukan ko laaa.. Tiap2 hari kot ak chat ngan ko!Hahahaha...


Safwan said...

lame tak singgah...isk....

cube try bagi dia baca buku tu sebijik dua...

kalo dia ckp best bole la ko lempang dia sedas dua....

Abdullah badawi said...

siot je pnggl aq paklah..
hamba allah la

Ms. Irma said...

hey moja,
1stly,anda sgt rjn.
how do u bg masa nih?

oh well,ignore him.
dia jeles sbnrnya sbb xde yg promote utk dia.
or dia mmg xde keja.

giv me some review pls!
mn tau sy b'mnt. :D
sy cuma smpt grab cosmo je utk bca.
too bz ngan bku2 my course.

hmm..selamat hari raya. :)

moja said...


Hahaha. Can I just shoot him in the head?

moja said...

Abdullah Badawi,

Faidz=Paklah. Same je tuh!

moja said...

Ms. Irma,

Rajin? No, I'm not. Believe me.

He's already been ignored long time ago! Hahaha :D

Reviews? http://zoomii.com/ simply go here, and browse through the books! :D

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